ISIS Attacks Seek Major Changes in Arab Countries

اهداف داعش

By: Moaf

ISIS latest attacks on Shiites, in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and their call to maintain another in Bahrain showed the Persian Gulf countries that ISIS is seeking advantages also inside their borders. ISIS might use Sunni and Shiites tribal conflicts to push fire to other Arab nations.
There are major points should be mentioned in latest ISIS messages:
1. ISIS is using “NAJD Velayah” phrase pointing to Kuwait and Saudi attacks. This is while ISIS uses Iraq and Sham as the names are. This means that ISIS is not recognizing other Persian Gulf Arab nations or the Sykes- Picot agreement. Using “NAJD Velayah” phrase is an opening to fight other Arab world starting with Saudis.
2. ISIS is introducing two kind of Takfir (that means to accuse another Muslim or an adherent of another Abrahamic faith of apostasy):
a. Ideological Takfir: which indicates that Sunnis are deviated from the main path of Islam (e.g. cultures like promoting ancient structures & monuments) and should be punished. “Not mentioning terrorist attacks against Sunnis” earlier was a tactical move and is included in plans today.
b. Political Takfir: ISIS believes that a Muslim should believe in Muslim caliphate (e.g. Today’s Abu-Bakr Baghdadi) the way that he believes in other basics of Islam. If not, he should be punished even if his beliefs cover what ISIS goals indicate.
ISIS goals included supporting Muslims against Christian and Jewish people before while today mostly all targets are Muslim Sunnis and also Shiites. ISIS is also changing geography. We meet new Afghan extremists’ demands to join ISIS with absence of Taliban leaders lately. A map shared through social media specifically Twitter shows ISIS targets in near future. The Kuwait and Tunisia attacks were dated in Ramadan which happened earlier. The others are not dated and several countries including European countries and Iran would be targeted in the future. This map is not verified but as the first attacks occurred at the right time, other ISIS target priorities should maintain more security restrictions.

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