Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

ISIS Proxy War

During the first days of ISIS’s formation in Iraq and Syria, many questions had been raised concerning the nature of this group. One of them is that how a small group like it could occupy numerous parts of Iraq and Syria at a very short time and prepare itself to conquer Baghdad. 

The actions of Takfiri forces called as “ISIS” over time showed that the purposes of this group did not include the formation of an Islamic government in Iraq and Levant, instead the tasks and missions of this group are to destroy Islamic cultures, to spread Islamophobia, and to devastate whatever that represents the old history of Islam in the region.   

The majority of Sunnis originally thought that ISIS was an anti-Shiite group, destroying Shiites’ history and whatever left by them in the region. The damage of sanctuaries of Holy Messenger’s companions had supported this claim. But this portrait is not real and genuine. The Takfiri group not only destroyed Shiites’ religious places but also damaged religious places of Sunnis such as Mosque of Umar bin al-Khattab which was built by Umar’s decree at the early period of Islam.     

These actions show that the main purpose of this group is to destroy whatever left in Islam. Does ISIS try to improve Islamic principles and history or destroy whatever left in Islam? If we take into consideration their criminal behaviors toward Yazidis Christians and Copts in Egypt, it will stand to reason that ISIS tries to highlight Judaism in the region as well as the world, representing it as the most divine religion in this era. On the other hand, how are they armed and equipped is of great importance. Which kind of group is able to control and direct their forces from Iranian borders to Mediterranean and African border?  

The actions of this group have indicated that they are on a mission which follows the Israel’s dreams and aspirations. Israel’s dream is to control the Promised Land, including parts of Syria, Iraq, and Jordon. This dream is coming true by groups such as ISIS and Al-Nusra Front. In fact, ISIS makes a proxy war and Israel has used Muslim fanatics against the other Muslims.  

It is important to note that according to distorted Scriptures, Jews signify Judaism as the most elevated and divine doctrine; therefore, they try to be dominant over the Promised Land, regarding it as a religious duty. At present, ISIS threatens not only Islamic countries in the Middle East but also all Islamic countries in the world. On their mission, they have not been deprived of US aids such as sending facilities and equipment by helicopter to them.              

It is obvious that Islamic countries should be cautious that ISIS, as a proxy of Israel, intends to destroy and devastate Islam as well as Islamic countries. The below facts can prove the dependence of ISIS on Israel and its allies:

  • ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, had been trained under supervision of Mossad for two years.
  • Dubai’s Deputy Chief of Police has said that ISIS is recognized as a state in the new map, drawn by Israel.
  • Amos Gilad, former head of the research division of Israel’s military intelligence organization, said that ISIS does not threaten Israel.
  • A rabbi, living in Israel, described ISIS as the supporter of Judaism who is on a mission to annihilate Israel’s enemies.
  • Reuters News Agency has published an article saying Israeli regime is not willing to destroy ISIS
  • Snowden: ISIS is made by US, UK, and Israel
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