Monday, 13 January, 2020

Israel vis-à-vis UN

By: Abdolreza Ghofrani

After years and for the first time, United Sates abstained the resolution put forward by a number of countries  at the United Nation Security Council, urging Israel to stop settlements in Palestinian occupied lands. Though, now that the world public opinion is opposing the continuing of building the settlements, it was expected that US voted in favor of the resolution. Then it would, undoubtedly, have been somewhat positive for   being abstainer to urge Israel halting these activities. Now the resolution has been adopted by the majority of SC and does have the power of execution. As expected the adoption of this resolution enticed Israel sever enragement and confusion. This needs to be deliberated from some perspectives.

Israel prime minister called this resolution shameful!! Though the majority of SC has voted in favor of adoption the document. Actually this resolution is the indication of world public opinion that United Nations does represent. Hence, now Israel finds itself against not only the United Nations but world public opinion and no longer can count on US support, and in other words, is thoroughly isolated. Moreover, Israel regime and the Prime Minister Netanyahu positions and reactions for reassessment of the ties with the world body are quite absurd. The Israelis erroneously perceive that United Nations and its organs are their subordinates. Moreover, it is now five decades that Israel has not observed the adopted UN resolutions, let alone executing them. Those resolutions are not wastepapers but do possess the guarantee of execution. So how on earth this resolution has so extensively made Israelis confused and enraged?

Another strange and undiplomatic event is that Prime Minister Netanyahu has called, in Tel Aviv, the envoys of the members of Security Council to protest against their vote in favor of the resolution, or perhaps has bullied them for that!! The behavior of Israeli regime is so irrational and impudent that it sounds any country for making decision serving her national best and legitimate interests has to be permitted by this regime. Otherwise it will be reprimanded by Israel!!

However in spite of Israel disrespect for United Nations and its decisions and resolutions that may be against that regime, it sounds, given the international developments that have changed considerably the world conditions, Israel is far too concerned of the opposing global public opinion. Though the resolution adopted in the final days of Obama administration, and Israel has bluntly declared that it would not respect and execute this resolution, and since the policy of next US administration toward Israel is not quite clear yet, adoption of this resolution needs to be considered a turning point. Even if the new US administration pursues her policy of supporting Israel by veto of future resolutions, there is no doubt the former conditions will not return and the United States, just like Israel, will be isolated. This probably may not be the policy of Donald Trump Administration.

Lastly, Netanyahu is not merely concerned for opposing world public opinion, but he may, domestically, have troubles with his oppositions and competing parties, even those who have formed coalition with him. This can put his government in trouble situations, and therefore may not be able to continue his administration for long.

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