Thursday, 21 November, 2019

Israel’s Indignation about Iran’s Nuclear Process

By: Mansour Afrasiabi

During the talks between Iran and P5+1 over time, Israel has invariably tried to provide some pretexts for derailing the talks. Sometime on the pretext of representing some topics such as Holocaust by Iran, Israel brought the world in chaos and not only P5+1 supported this regime but also the Arab countries in the Middle East promoted their cooperation with such an oppressive and brutal regime. They interpreted the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program as a threat to international security.

After Rouhani elected as Iran’s President and the Supreme Leader has trusted him, the strategy and logic of Iran’s policies have had considerable alternations. Iran’s negotiating team headed by Dr. Zarif whose comprehensive background information of nuclear talks as well as a change of tactics can lead to deny false claims made by the west and put them in a point of no return.

Iran’s logic, during the talks, is to lift all inhuman sanctions imposed by the west and prove its fundamental rights as well as the peaceful nature of its nuclear program. By doing so, Iran can keep P5+1 at the negotiating table, avoid being more isolated, and in case of any defeat in talks, can represent US as the main factor of this defeat.

This change of tactics drove Netanyahu crazy, brought Israel in chaos and made this regime more isolated. Unlike the convention, he is willing to address the US Congress and tries to convince them to ratchet up more sanctions against Iran, resulting in derailment of talks. This indignation increased when Obama emphasized on not visiting him.

Experiences show that finding some solutions for sanctions, encouraging constructive cooperation, and reaching to deal with mutual respect can protect Iran’s interests and make Israel more isolated.

At present, Israel is trapped in a quagmire and Iran shouldn’t let it find any way out. It seems that Netanyahu is fraught with problems inside the country and doesn’t have the ability to derail the talks at international level. On the other hand, the establishment of peace and security in the region can prove the role of Iran in the Middle East. Therefore, it is the time to make a deal with the west and P5+1 should be aware that they would miss such an opportunity which Iran’s Supreme Leader has supported it.

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