Monday, 01 January, 2018

Istanbul airport terror attack requires a prompt International action

By: Abdolreza Ghofrani, senior international expert

Tuesday late evening there was again a savage action committed by international terrorism that did take the lives of tens of innocent people, leaving hundreds of people severely wounded and thousands grieved.

This time around, this notorious crime committed in Muslim friendly neighbor of Turkey creating horror and concern not only in this Muslim country but every country of the region.

This author, like anybody else, shocked by this inhuman act and my praying is with the families of the victims. This mass genocide proved once more that the terrorism is “blind” making no difference for it that the innocent victims are either friends or foes.

Over the past one year we have witnessed that no country has been and is invulnerable to this nasty phenomenon. So unless a collective and inclusive action, or if you like an international nudge, be taken to combat and uproot this deadly horror events, the world cannot but expect more heartbreaking events like these and eventually innocent victims.

Though the brutal ISIS group up to now, the time of writing this note, has not claimed the responsibility of Tuesday inhuman mass murder in Istanbul Ataturk Airport, it cannot be assured that this merciless action has not taken by it.

Everybody now knows well that the genocides committed by this group in 21 century probably could not be done by predators. So undoubtedly combating and uprooting this group must be given top priority by all governments of the region as well as the concerned international organizations.

Admittedly in this region the governments have their own high responsibility to work out an efficient strategy for this. Because with no exception all these governments, even those who have a part in creation and helping this group are exposed with its threats and dangers.

So the cooperation of the countries of this area of the world, that are now more vulnerable, to fight and take preemptive actions  to deal with this criminal group is not only inevitable but it is pretty critical and pressing. Having this in mind it is seriously recommendable that the governments of this region design strategies and plans to serve that goal and certainly any delay in this is inexcusable.

It is obvious that these governments are responsible before their people; and they are supposed to take quick actions for preventing much more catastrophes and do not let this vicious episode gain much more deadly dimensions.

To combat and demolish this dangerous group (or groups) overtime, working out an international system and strategy sounds quite serious and inevitable. In some detailed notes in international mass media several months ago ,this author had reiterated and called for this strategy .Because as already mentioned, no  longer any country  can and should assume itself immune  to this danger.

At the time in those notes it had been proposed that a system and preemptive plan must be worked out in the context of the United Nations. It goes without saying, of course, that this strategy need to be inclusive and not be limited to adoption just a few political motivated resolutions by Security Council or other concerned UN agencies condemning, unreasonably with no concrete documents, some countries.

Last but not the least the arms sale and delivery to these terrorists must be strictly stopped and forbidden; it is regrettable that reportedly the arms and ammunitions deliveries to these terrorist groups are no longer just smuggling and in covert ways but are done overtly.

More deplorable is that again reportedly there are some countries, being far from this region, sell arms to the terrorists apparently without knowing the end users.

Now these deadly transactions are no less important than drug smuggled dealings. It is a pity that no serious international actions so far taken to fight and undermine the arms and drugs nasty and deadly networks.

Finally, no delay is now permissible, because at present the terrorism has not only endangered the peace and security of this region but given gaining international dimension, has threatened the global peace. So combating and destroying this danger is an international mission.

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