Wednesday, 20 November, 2019

Istanbul Honors Iranian Mother who Pardoned her Son’s Killer

Samereh Alinejad, an ‪‎Iranian‬ woman who pardoned her son’s murderer at the moment of his hanging, has been recognized as the Mother of Year in ‪Istanbul‬.

Samereh Alinejad came to international attention last month after she forgave a man who had killed her 18-year-old son seven years ago seconds before his execution.

The award ceremony was to take place in Istanbul on Sunday, May 11; however, Alinejad was unable to make the trip to Turkey due to health complications.

Alinejad was quoted as saying: “I thank the people of Turkey and informed the Turkish embassy about my inability to make the trip. I truly would have liked to go and deliver a message of reconciliation and friendship from the people of Iran.”

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