Tuesday, 12 February, 2019

Italian Celebrity Chef and his Wife Enjoy Sightseeing in Iran


Italian Celebrity Chef Gianfranco Chiarini and his wife Chef. Anna Chiarini travelled to Iran earlier this month aimed to cooperate with local Chefs in a series of Culinary Projects.

The Italian chefs spent a few days in Tehran, wandering around the city to eat out in traditional restaurants of this amazing city.

They also traveled to Mashhad and visited the shrine of Imam Reza, according to Chiarini’s Facebook page.

A trip to the cities of Kashan and Babylon also included in their program.

Enjoy images of these amazing travels covering the cities of Tehran and Mashhad:

Italian chefs in Tehran, September 2015


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Italian chefs in Mashhad, September 2015

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Gianfranco Chiarini is an Italian celebrity and Michelin starred chef from Ferrara, Italy. Chiarini’s culinary style is Italian nouvelle fusion cuisine. His career has included work in Michelin restaurants, cruise lines and deluxe hotels as well as consultancy, food engineering and research and development (R&D).

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