Wednesday, 20 January, 2016

JCPOA implementation: Strong evidence proving Iran nuclear program’s legitimacy

By: Mohammad Ibrahim Orvi

Today, following the beginning of implementation of the Iran nuclear deal or JCPOA, the unfair sanctions against Iran were lifted.

But the question is that who will be responsible for the pressures that have been imposed on the Iranian people over years especially in the last twelve years.

The patience of the Iranian people against the unjust sanctions have proved that no sanctions cannot bring them to their knees.

The JCPOA’s implementation and the latest report issued by IAEA are a strong reason to prove the legitimacy of Iranian government and people in terms of their peaceful nuclear program.

Fortunately, with the conclusion of the negotiations, it became clear that Iran has never sought nuclear weapon.

The IAEA’s today report well demonstrates that the agency has never been able to prove its false pretenses against Iran.

Please remember that the lifting of sanctions as a result of the implementation of JCPOA, as originally set to be directed to the sanctions imposed on Iran because of its nuclear program and other sanctions, including sanctions related to human rights and the lifting of sanctions against Iran’s defense capabilities will need the course of its own.

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