Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

“JCPOA was a victory over war”

By: Abdolreza Ghofrani

Khabaronline, has had a discussion with Abdolreza Ghofrani, former senior Iranian diplomat and Deputy Permanent Representative to United Nations Economic and Social Committee for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP). This is the excerpts of the discussions:

Q: Now that (JCPOA) concluded between Iran and 5+1, naturally the sanctions will be lifted. Certainly this will create extensive grounds for economic cooperation, trade exchanges and investments in different section of Iranian economy as well as economic booming. In your opinion how Iran can make the best of the new circumstances?

A: Thank you for having me here. At the outset I need to point out that the nuclear deal, or if you like agreeing upon the terms of nuclear deal by both parties, has to be considered a great diplomatic breakthrough for our country .This, once more, proved that diplomacy wins as usual and not the war and conflicts. Moreover, diplomacy always benefits either side. It is quite obvious that diplomacy can not only serve the interests of one side, and so, by diplomacy the legitimate right of Iran for having nuclear energy for peaceful purposes was recognized. So in the absence of critical conditions, which were pretty unnecessary, the potentials, energy and resources of our country will be headed to further construction and economic growth. Hence it is for all of us to make the most of the new circumstances.

Q: What are the ways, in your opinion, to fulfill that goal?

A: Now, the international conditions, particularly in economic, trade and finance perspectives, are developing in a way that further provide Iran with opportunity for economic growth and promoting economic relations with all countries of the world, either being developed or developing. It is not only Iran that benefits but it will serve the interests of others too. It is worthy to note that in promoting economic relations particularly in bilateral ties there must be a sense of balance. In other words, to take something, every country should give something in return.

Q: What is the first step to achieve this goal?

At the very beginning certainly the promoting bilateral relations with every country and particularly our neighbors and having good interaction with them, aimed at economic and trade growth tops the agenda and is unavoidable. Despite imposed unnecessary and illegitimate sanctions over the past decades, we have had sound and good economic relations with a group of countries and particularly our neighbors. Now with more rooms being available and lifting the sanctions, naturally there will be much more grounds to use added capacities and resources. Certainly we have to give priority to bilateral relations.

Q: To what extent the regional cooperation can be used as a way or means to achieve that objective?

A: Regional cooperation has always been a useful device for advancing any country economic interests in a given area. It conspicuously has expedited to serve the interests of the member states of a regional arrangement. A brief study shows well that all across the world there have been several regional cooperation and arrangements with the participation of the countries of those regions; they have taken efficient steps and served, to some good extend, the interests of their members.

Q: What about the cooperation within the international organizations and using their capabilities?

A: In the present world conditions, everything is spearheading to globalization or actually we cannot but say everything has been globalized. Naturally every country preserving its principles, believes and national interests is a part of this process and cannot be excluded. Our country, as a member of the world society, is not and cannot be an exception.

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