Tuesday, 19 December, 2017

Kish Poses its Gold & Jewelry


The 1st Intl. Exhibition of Gold, Jewelry, Silver, Gemstones, & Related Industries (Kish Goldex 2015) with participation of domestic and foreign companies will be held on Kish Island in November.

Kish Goldex 2015, in its first edition, will put on display various gold objects and jewelry, gemstones, gold and jewelry producing machinery, types of bulletproof and earthquake-resisting glass, engraving and casting machinery, fire-resistant safes and anti-theft doors, bar producers and other related equipment.

Turkey, Italy, Thailand and India are among the countries participating in the exhibition while more countries are expected to attend as the date of the event draws closer.

Gold and jewelry produced in domestic and foreign workshops will be showcased in the exhibition. On the sidelines, various workshops on making and repairing jewelry will be held.

The exhibition aims to introduce manufacturing, machinery and new technologies in the production to both exporters and producers as well as to introduce domestic capabilities and present a prospect of the production and export of jewelry in the country.

Currently, over 60 percent of Iran’s gold market is dominated by foreign products while 20 percent of raw materials for the jewelry industry in the world is situated in Iran.

The annual demand volumes in Iran’s gold market is estimated at 250-350 tons.

The first International Exhibition of Gold, Jewelry, Silver, Gemstones, & Related Industries (Kish Goldex 2015) will be held from 3-6 November, 2015 on Kish Island, Iran.

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