Sunday, 02 February, 2020

Kuwait hopes for improved Gulf-Iran ties

Kuwait’s deputy foreign minister has expressed hope of Persian-Arab reconciliation, further leaning away from Saudi Arabia’s hard-line standpoint on the Islamic Republic of Iran, Middle East Monitor reported.

“Kuwait is hopeful that exchange of ideas between Iran and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) start in the very near future as the written response of Tehran to the message delivered by the Kuwaiti Emir was handed to the council,” Khaled Al-Jarallah said on Sunday.

He added that the foreign ministers of the GCC member states will be debating the issue on Thursday during a GCC meeting.

“The following steps on this matter will be taken afterwards [after the meeting],” he said.

This comes after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani went on a GCC tour last month where only Oman and Kuwait hosted him. This was the first time Rouhani visited the Gulf states since taking power in 2013.

Photo: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (L) is welcomed by Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah (R) on 15 February 15 2017. [Kuwaiti Council/Anadolu Agency]
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