Thursday, 07 December, 2017

Last-ditch Attempts to Derail Iran’s Nuclear Talks

Last Attempt

By: Hesam Nazem Bokaei

After several extensions of nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1, it seems that there is no longer any extensions and finally, this is the last round of talks. Hence, the opponents of nuclear talks have fasten their seatbelts to obstruct the nuclear talks.

As usual, Israel took some measures; that’s to say, Israeli diplomats made statements to derail the process of talks.
The media, supported by Iran’s international opponents, try to have some impacts on P5+1 by publishing anti-Iran articles. Thus, they published some obnoxious and offensive topics about Iran just to show the world that Iran is the sponsor of Paris attack. In other words, they try to represent Iran as the potential threat to the world security.

By holding down the price of oil, Arabic countries including Saudi Arabia try to satisfy the West and it is another one of the attempts of nuclear deal opponents.

PMOI (People’s Mojahedin Organization Of Iran), just like its earlier actions, has made all its attempts to take action against Iran’s national interests by holding anti-Iran conferences with the presence of Iran’s opponents.

Another one of the most major obstructions is the attempt of US Congress to impose further sanctions against Iran. Notwithstanding Obama’s pledge to veto the new Iran’s sanctions, it does not seem that, in this respect, the Congress would cooperate with Obama administration.

In the end, although, there are many obstructions for a final and comprehensive deal, but Iran’s negotiating team works as seriously as possible and is very determined to resume the talks. Never will they disregard Iran’s national interests. Anyway, we should notice whether the West will prepare itself to reach a final and comprehensive deal with Iran or not.

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