Thursday, 14 February, 2019

Latest on Iran deal: Iranian Activists pen open letter to Americans


Activists in Iran pen open letter to Americans on nuclear deal

More than 50 prominent Iranian dissidents, political reformers and other civil society activists have written an open letter to the people of the United States, urging them to lobby members of Congress to support the Iran nuclear deal.

The signatories to the letter, published Monday, include former members of Iran’s parliament, prominent university professors and a renowned filmmaker.

The Iranian signatories describe themselves as committed to “the values of tolerance, pluralism, human rights and the peaceful relations between nations” and say that the nuclear agreement “holds the promise of the gradual realization of these universal values within Iran, along with the possibility of better relations between our two nations.”

Madeleine Albright: Iran deal is a win-win

US Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright says in an article that Iran deal is a win for diplomacy

She writes: “Nuclear deal prevents Iran from developing nuclear weapon for decade or more.”

Albright believes that in a turbulent Middle East, there is no way to predict what the next decade will bring. But the United States will be in a far better position to shape events in the region with this nuclear agreement in place than without it. This accord is a bold stroke of diplomacy, and an opportunity we must not waste.

Hillary Clinton to speak out in favor of Iran nuclear deal

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton will speak in support of the nuclear deal with with Iran on September 9 - the same day Republican candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are headlining a rally in opposition to the deal.

Clinton has previously voiced her support for the agreement. The speech next week will give her an opportunity to expand on her position and push back on Republican critics of the deal.

Morning Plum: Supporters of the Iran deal are winning

Over the weekend, Senator Jeff Merkley came out in support of the Iran nuclear deal. That means a total of 33 Senators either back the agreement or are leaning towards supporting it — one away from the 34 that supporters need to ensure that the deal goes forward.

The latest whip count has 31 Senators now declared in support of the deal. Two more — Joe Manchin and Richard Blumenthal — are leaning towards backing it. That’s 33. There are 11 more Democrats who are undecided. If Manchin and Blumenthal back the deal, supporters need only one more of that 11 to get the 34 necessary to sustain President Obama’s veto of the expected GOP measure disapproving of the agreement.

Joseph Kennedy says he’ll support Iran nuclear agreement

US Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III, whose congressional district includes one of the heaviest concentrations of Jewish voters in the Northeast, on Monday endorsed the Iran nuclear deal, an issue that has sharply divided the national Jewish community.

Kennedy, however, will likely dodge the angry backlash that has engulfed some members of Congress who have embraced President Obama’s initiative, according to local community leaders and political analysts.

Patrick Murphy comes out in support of Iran nuclear deal

U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy says he can back the Iran nuclear deal, call it “flawed” but “the best available option to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.”

Murphy is running for U.S. Senate and his Democratic primary rival, Rep. Alan Grayson, has not said if he can support the deal. A number of other Florida Democrats remain undecided, including Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz; Sen. Bill Nelson is on board with the Obama administration.



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