Monday, 13 January, 2020

#Letter4u: Lingering Light

By: M.H. Broomand

The latest speech of Iran’s Supreme Leader on nuclear deal along with his recent letter to the youth in Europe and North America have created a friendly atmosphere between both Iranian and western nations. Despite nuclear progress, Ayatollah Khamenei is the only one who has determined the strategies of nuclear program. It stands to reason that he is in favor of a good deal; In other words, a deal which safeguards Iran’s interests. He believes that any deal is possible as long as protecting Iranian national interests and no deal is much better than a bad one

Another issue is Islamophobia. Iran’s Supreme Leader has been aware of western conspiracies concerning Iran’s influence in the region. Both regional and global powers have been intimidated by such influence; hence, they stretch their hands over any superpowers which can do something for them. Recent incidents occurred in the world can prove this claim.

He is a man of great wisdom; therefore, the writing of such a letter has some implications. At this very time, a letter from such a person was needed to make the whole world aware of incidents happening in the name of Islam. There is a big difference between pure Islam and those incidents occurred in the name of Islam.

The pure Islam will not allow people to kill innocent folks but it is routinely done by its fake branch. God’s Messenger was honored due to his daughter but rape is common among so-called believers. Where are we going?

It is a question which all of us should ask from ourselves. Is the world would be a better place to live if we change ourselves? I think the recent speech by Supreme Leader can make not only the youth in Europe and North America aware of what is happening in the world but also the truth-seekers whose hearts beat for delving into the bag of darkness in the hope of finding goodness. But we should never forget that light will not linger forever.             

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