Sunday, 29 May, 2016

Longest-serving Jewish member of Congress Supports Nuclear Accord


By: Bobbie

Representative Sander M. Levin, Democrat of Michigan and the longest-serving Jewish member now in Congress, said Tuesday that he would support the Iran nuclear accord, lending a hefty voice of approval in a chamber deeply skeptical of the deal.

There are two different voices in the Congress. One side is full of agreement and on the other side filled with aggression against Iran’s nuclear deal reached recently between Iran and P5+1. But Iranian negotiators talked with American negotiators. In the other words, both agreed that they should solve their problems on the negotiation table not anywhere else.

As there are several hearings held or will be held in the Congress, House of Representatives and the Senate, but Israeli lobbyists try industriously to assure them not to approve nuclear deal. On the other hand, as polls show, many Americans are not concerned in the deal.

There is a gap between US administration and the Congress in approving Iran’s deal. US Administration tries to convince the Congress that deal is the only option that American negotiators can choose; otherwise, the option of Tom Cotton, waging a war with Iran, will still remain.

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