Monday, 13 January, 2020

Luxembourg eyes easing travel to Iran, just as Trump blocks it

Just as Donald Trump is making moves to block traveller’s from Iran entering the US, Luxembourg and Iran are taking steps to make it easier for trips between the two nations.

A spokesman at the Iran-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, or IRALUX for short, stated that a plan is afoot to make the issue of visas for travellers to and from both countries easier than the current process is. Tehran and Luxembourg City are apparently already in discussions.

It was during an interview with Delano magazine that Mahmoud Kouchesfahani, the IRALUX executive board member, stated that “companies everywhere in Europe, even in the US, are pushing, lobbying in favour of relaxing sanctions or removing all of the barriers to be able to work with Iran.

Complimenting the Grand Duchy’s stance to his homeland, in the same interview he added that the “Luxembourg community has always been very positive about Iran, especially with the history of the country and its culture. People have been travelling to Iran for years. What they like is the people and the reception they receive in various cities.”

According to recent reports a group visit to Iran is planned for May of Luxembourg’s young managers’ federation, with another new mission planned for later in the year.

It was October last year when the Grand Duchy last set out on an economic mission to Iran when 40 companies were represented by 76 delegates.


Photo: Luxembourg’s Mars Di Bartolomeo meets Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani in January last year / SIP

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