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Archive for May 2012

May 30, 20211 year ago

The West and Iran’s Nuclear program, the double standard

The current crisis over Iran’s nuclear issue is centered around Iran’s right under NPT to enrich uranium on its soil, and the West opposition to it. This western opposition has been crystallized by several rounds of tough economic sanctions and threat of war. Analyzing this crisis raises many questions including legal aspects of the imposed sanctions. This article tries to study this crisis from historical and legal perspectives.

The main cause of this crisis might be the Islamic revolution and the strain in Iran-US relations after the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979. After the revolution, all Iran – US ties broke down and a chapter of US hostility toward Iran opened by freezing Iranian assets » Read more

May 30, 20211 year ago

Iran and the paradox in P5+1 discourse

Whenever Iranian officials have accepted a new round of nuclear talks with 5+1, those on the western side of the negotiating table considered this as a sign of Iran’s weakness in the face of western pressures. US and UK officials, quoted in the Western media both in papers and broadcast forms, celebrated the talks as a sign that pressures do work and Iran is now responding to these pressures.

But the other side of this discourse reveals much about the western intentions. It goes like this: Iran by refusing to join the talks, is defying the international request. Now to believing deeply in punishing this behavior, the west thinks it needs to apply even more sanctions. Did you get the logic: More sanctions to make Iran talk, and more sanctions because Iran came to talk! » Read more