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Archive for September 2012

Confiscation of Iranian figures

For years the Turkish government has introduced Molana the Persian poet to the world as a Turkish poet and Arabic countries has introduced, Bu Ali Sina, Birooni, and Razi as Arabs.Government of Azerbaijan also uses propaganda introducing Nezami, Ferdowsi, Hafez and Rumi, the four pillars of the great Persian poets Literature poetry as Turks and anti-Iranians.

Someday Plato was asked if people would believe wrong or false statements. He answered, it will take one or two generations, but they will believe so that if they hear otherwise from someone, they will kill him.

The nationality of Global Persian poets, scientists and philosophers is changing as changes made in geographical and political

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No Iranian Interference in Yemen

The background of the conflicts between the Yemeni government and Saada oppositions who were called Houthis rebels later goes back to 2004. In 09/08/2009, while it was against Doha convection, an operation called “the burned land” was led by Yemeni troops and some Sunni tribes intended to clear north of Yemen from Zaidi Shiites.

There are many differences between the religion of Houthi Shiites and Iranian Shiites and if Iran wanted to support someone, it would be better to do this favor for Bahraini Shiites who’s believes are much resembles the Iranians and they are in a total agreements with their ideas including Velayat Faqih and fighting Zionism and they were a part of Iran in the near past. However, the supreme leader

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Arrest members of terror club

Arrest the perpetrators of the assassination of Iranian nuclear Martyrs Shahriari ,Ahmadi Roshan,Rezai,Alimohamadi and Qashqai by the Ministry of Information and security These operation indicate that the immune system of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the world’s most powerful security systems.

Since the beginning of the Revolution, which saw a lot of assassinations have been in the country So far not taken any action on behalf of terrorist organizations without any answers   these factors often identified assassinations and after different periods Intelligence structure of the country has been able to destroy or capture them to enforce justice. » Read more

Iran's highest security

Foucault says: “History is a law; Request a nation is much easier, the task is complicated by the nation’s politicians … » and Perhaps no more obvious and yet simple request of “security” for the people of a society can be thought.

Perhaps “safe life” was the first human needs, desires the highest priority of the request as normal human security concept in the light of freedom is obtained. So “safe community” at the foundation of sustainable development is considered modern strategists, and as important, is the successor to power and dominated the national interest. » Read more