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October 31, 202112 months ago

Is Iran the Greatest Enemy of the United States?

Public opinion has important role in democracy because the people are the ultimate source of power. Governmental official has to account and pay attention to public opinion in deciding for policies. Public opinion can shape and change policies and any governmental official cannot ignore this important. The United States as a democratic country in during its political history is an obvious instance to show importance of the public opinion and role of the people.

Latest poll that have been done in United States by Gallup research center was about greatest enemy of United States according public opinion of American people. They have done this poll six times in six years and in conclusion of all researches Iran is elected

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October 31, 202112 months ago

Iran – al Qaeda relationship and the American propaganda

During the last week great number of News Company announced the special report about U.S treasury offering. It was allocated $7 million to information of Muhsin al-Fadhli and $5 million for Adel Radi Saqr al-Wahabi al-Harbi who considered as the leaders of al Qaeda’s network in Iran. U.S government strongly argued that these people are living in Iran and use its territory for their terroristic attack against target in the Middle East. This is not the first time that U.S government denounced Iran to support terroristic attack, in the last year American mentioned that Iran was the state behind the 11/9 event in the U.S.A.

Indeed this kind of accusation against Iran is completely disproof because with the evidence which we could find from history of Iran

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Trial of Arbab Siyar; a new psychological warfare against Iran

A year ago on almost this exact day, an Iranian-American citizen named Mansour Arbab Siyar was accused of trying to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in U.S.A. However, Americans offered no valid evidence and only based their claims on Arbab Siyar’s using intercepted conversations. His first trial was held and U.S. media insisted that he had confessed in planning murder of the Saudi ambassador.
Siyar was arrested at the “JFK” airport in New York on September 2011. Arbab Siyar, who had lived for many years in South Texas, was charged in connection with Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and Mexican drug cartel for planning murders with » Read more

Biden talks show that Iran’s sanctions are illegal

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden recently acknowledged that Iran currently does not have a nuclear weapon. And while Iran is “a good way away” from developing one “all this bluster” is keeping heard.

During a vice presidential debate between Biden and Romney’s running mate Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, U.S vice President said that: “There is no weapon that the Iranians have at this point. Both the Israelis and we know — we’ll know if they start the process of building a weapon. So all this bluster I keep hearing, all this loose talk — what are they talking about?”

Biden’s speech is composed of two main talking pointsFirstly, Iran currently does not have a nuclear weapon and secondly, » Read more

What will the fate of Iranian hostages be?

Taking hostages and kidnapping is a serious crime that violates all accepted international law and humanitarian principles. The kidnapping of 48 Iranian nationals during they religion trip to Damascus in early august by an armed terrorist group is a deep crime and clear example of this issue. Armed terrorist group abducted 48 Iranian pilgrims who were traveling by bus from Damascus airport.

Head commanders of Free Syrian Army (FSA) group repeatedly have declared that they will release the Iranian nationals, but conditionally. They have declared if the Iranian government uses its influence over Damascus to release the Syrian jailed rebels, they

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When Canada accuses Iran of violating human rights

Political and insidious approaches to the concept of human rights have caused most damage to the human being’s fundamental rights and liberty. Canada has always been one of the countries Criticize the human rights records of other countries has been at the forefront; However, several published reports on human rights issues at the show C Ottawa has long faced major challenges in this field.
Report a glimpse of some of the major challenges Canada’s human rights
the government also taken a step on the way to meet them, and in some cases it has even contributed to them. Canada is one of the » Read more

A view on the effects of sanctions against Iran

After the victory of Islamic Revolution, Iran has always been faced with global pressures. Sometimes it has been caught in the war, sometimes faced with threats of military attack and sometimes grappled with problems such as economic sanctions, and what has been used most by western countries against Iran is economic sanction.

The economic sanction is a planned action by one or more governments through restricting economic relations in order to pressure the target country with different political purposes. Economic sanctions are generally divided into two categories:

1- The trade sanctions in which exports out of and imports into the target country will be restricted or stopped 2 - Imposing

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October 7, 20211 year ago

Consequences of a possible attack on Iran

A volcano which recently erupt in Iceland, disrupted airlines in Europe. Millions of people suffered damage and financial losses. Maybe it was a sign that the things which may be appeared different though, including a military confrontation with Iran over Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, will not be inconclusive and without any harm. Such an attack certainly would have disastrous consequences and disrupt all political, military, and security equations in Middle East, the world’s most sensitive area.

Though this argument appears to be simple, it can be very dangerous. There is a large difference between “having all options on the table and giving a chance to diplomacy” on the one hand and “military action” on the other hand. Indeed, Failure to understand this

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October 2, 20211 year ago

Strategic challenges between America and Israel about attack on Iran

Obama’s refusal to meet with Israeli Prime Minister and media analysis of the cause of action, former U.S President Jimmy Carter warning on America’s stance against Iran and the Middle East, Britain opposition to possible military action against Iran and the French president’s request for the Zionist regime’s pursuit of diplomacy are the key events relating to the topic of military attack on Iran.

The relationship between U.S President Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu was cold and icy since the first day that both of them came to power.

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