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Archive for November 2012

The Effects of Iran’s Discourse on the Palestinian Issue

11 months ago

The ending of the World War II and the emergence of a phenomenon called Israel in the Muslim world equations caused different reactions within the Muslim world.

The Palestine no longer had been considered as only a name of a territory or a part of usurped land of Islamic world, instead it considered as an obvious sign of encroaching on Islamic – Arabic identity.

In this article we’ll try to describe and analyze the position and role of Iran in the Palestinian issue using historical sociology and the basic phenomena in the social sciences. » Read more

November 7, 202111 months ago

History of Persian or Parsi Language

Parsi or Persian was the language of the Parsa people who ruled Iran between 550 - 330 BCE. It belongs to what scholars call the Indo-Iranian group of languages. It became the language of the Persian Empire and was widely spoken in the ancient days ranging from the borders of India in the east, Russian in the north, the southern shores of the Persian Gulf to Egypt and the Mediterranean in the west.

Over the centuries Parsi has changed to its modern form and today Persian is spoken primarily in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and parts of Uzbekistan. It was the language of the court of many of the Indian kings till the British banned its use, after occupying India in » Read more

Ayatollah Khamenei's Fatwa; Strong evidence of peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program

11 months ago

Every country has a national ideology, just like the American exceptionalism. Iran and Iranians have their own national ideology based on Shiism of Islam; its impact can easily encompass all national decisions and laws of the country.

In globalization, diplomatic relations, foreign policies and even public diplomacy it is obvious that one of the main factors that decreases issues and even tensions is the national ideology of both parts.
In Shiism, just like other branches of Islam a Fatwa (religious decree) is a rule which defines an act as a sin. There are other fatwas which are rules about other kinds of issues. All sins have their own fatwas representative of Muslims. In societies ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is » Read more

November 5, 202111 months ago

The Money, the Puppets, and the Sheep: The Elements of Iran’s Green Movement and the Markings of a Conspiracy Made In the U.S.A.

In a world desperate for change and people desperate to emulate the west the objective of change may seem ideal if truly pure motives are the underlying reason for social movements. Sadly synthetic movements are expanding in the Middle East where only elites have something to gain and the people for all their hard work are left with nothing. Moreover, in some cases like Libya, Libyans must now deal with a more oppressive regime, physical displacement, death or worse. The same instance can be said for Syria with a recent revolt turned bloody war. Western nations and gulf allies have become so arrogant and powerful they have now taken a nose dive into other nations creating synthetic movement and revolutions prompting for “regime change”. There is a process to creating » Read more