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August 13, 20212 months ago

Rohani’s presidency may bring reconciliation between Iran and Persian Gulf countries: article

The presidency of Hassan Rohani has created an opportunity for a potential reconciliation between Iran and some of its Arab Persian Gulf neighbors, according to an article published on the website of Eurasia Review on Monday.

Following are excerpts of the text of the article, written by Kanchi Gupta:
The swearing-in of Hassan Rohani as the seventh president of the Islamic Republic of Iran has raised hopes of a productive engagement between Tehran and the West.
July 24, 20213 months ago

Iran; world’s 15th leading scientific country

According to Scopus ranking, Iran’s scientific community has been placed in the 15th place which represents a breakthrough for the country’s scientific establishment.

Jafar Mehrad, Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC) Director, made the announcement in Shiraz on Sunday, Real Iran reported.

Scopus which officially named SciVerse Scopus is a bibliographic database containing abstracts and documents for academic journal articles. It contains approximately 20,500 titles from over 5,000 international publishers, of which 19,500 are peer-reviewed » Read more

July 4, 20213 months ago

Remembering the Innocent Victims of Iran Air flight 655

Twenty five years ago on July 3, 1988, Iran Air Flight 655 (IR655) was shot down by USS Vincennes which led to the loss of life of 290 innocent civilian from six nations including 66 children. There were 38 non-Iranians aboard.

Flight 655, as a commercial flight, operated by Iran Air that flew on a Tehran-Bandar Abbas-Dubai route.

According to the United States Government, the crew mistakenly identified the Iranian Airbus A300 as an attacking F-14 Tomcat fighter. Contributing to the error was the fact that the aircraft did not respond to several inquiries to change course and did not identify itself clearly as civilian. The Iranian government maintains that Vincennes neglectfully shot down the civilian aircraft. The event produced a great deal of dispute and criticism of the United States. Several » Read more

June 19, 20214 months ago

The Messages of Iran’s Elections and Moderate Rouhani’s Victory

On Friday, 72 percent of the 50 million eligible Iranians had turned out to vote and moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani had secured just over the 50 percent of the vote needed to avoid a run-off.

Iranian Interior minister Mustafa Mohammad-Najjar told on Saturday that Rouhani had won Iran’s presidential elections with more than 18 million of the votes.

Iranians’ high turnout in Friday Elections and the victory of moderate Rouhani send several important messages to western countries and their allies.

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June 10, 20214 months ago

Mohammad Ketabchi

Dr. Ketabchi was a Full Professor at the Computer Engineering Department of Santa Clara University, and the director of the Object and Multimedia Technologies Research Laboratory when he founded Savvion. He is well-known for his pioneering research in object-oriented database management systems and object-oriented application development technologies. » Read more

June 10, 20214 months ago

Farzad Naimi

Farzad Naimi is a co-founder of LiteScape and brings 19 years of successful Silicon Valley startup leadership to LiteScape. Farzad is responsible for leading the LiteScape team and managing its strategic direction.
Farzad started his high-tech career at a start up, Centex Telemanagement, as the head of Engineering and Technology, and led Centex Telemanagement to its IPO, which preceded its subsequent acquisition by WorldCom. Farzad continued his career as Executive Vice President and COO at Prestige International, Japan’s largest Customer Relationship Management organization that later had a successful IPO in Japan. » Read more

June 10, 20214 months ago

Iran opens new space-tracking center to monitor near-earth objects

Iranian Space Research Institute has opened a new facility center for monitoring space and tracking objects passing near the Earth. Iranian President visited the center in the town of Delijan, some 200 kilometers south of Tehran, on June 9, accompanied by other officials. Different news agencies reported that the center will share its data with agencies in other countries. The Iranian official responsive with the project was quoted as saying the purpose of the base is to secure Iran’s “space facilities” and to monitor objects, “especially satellites,” that pass overhead. He said the Delijan center uses radar, radio, and electro-optical tracking methods. Iran currently has nine command-and-control centers for its space program, including one in Syria.

May 27, 20215 months ago

Internet Dictatorship; Iranian Solution?


The critical media often consider Internet and the Internet freedom as one of the examples of violations of freedom of speech in Iran. The fact is that Internet in Iran like many other countries is restricted in the form of “blacklist sites” and in critical conditions such as elections period, internet speed slows down.

Two points about the limitations of the Internet has never been covered by the world media which may » Read more

May 20, 20215 months ago

“The Past” by Iranian Oscar winning director

Iranian Oscar winning director Asghar Farhadi premiered a drama called “The Past” at Cannes on Friday.

The Past picks up many of the family themes and the taut drama of the Tehran-based A Separation, which saw Farhadi scoop the Academy Award for best foreign-language film last year.

Farhadi said his decision to set his movie in France this time was for the sake of the story, not because of any restriction on artists at home.

“I can work for years outside Iran but I do remain a very Iranian director. Of course the set may change but I don’t change,” Farhadi told reporters.

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May 14, 20215 months ago

Iran’s elections are more democratic or that of U.S?

The U.S. officials and media have long accused Iran of holding undemocratic elections. However, the characteristics of numerous elections in Iran during past three decades and its comparison with similar elections in U.S show that Iran’s elections are not only democratic, but also are even more democratic than that of U.S in some ways.

On the eve of presidential elections in Iran, we’re going to do a comparison between Iran and U.S elections.

This comparison helps to gain a better understanding of the Iranian elections and to indicate that contrary to claims by U.S. officials, Iran’s elections are held in a democratic and fair environment.

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