Monday, 13 January, 2020

Mecca at Risk of ISIS

By: Mansour Afrasiabi

The pilgrims of Mecca, in this year, have experienced horrible events, when performing rites of Hajj. Events have ranged from crane collapse to hotel blaze and even some other likely ones in Mina and Mount Arafat. It is not easy to forget such events because Hajj period is the best time for ISIS forces to come to the Holy City of Mecca. As they have regarded Mecca and Medina as their main objectives for destruction; thus, Hajj period is the best opportunity for ISIS forces to be transferred into Mecca. The close relationship between Saudi princes with ISIS forces as well as Israel can result to some traumatic events for Holy Shrines.

This article gives an advance warning to Saudi officials and other Islamic scholars around the world to be aware of likely events that may take place during Hajj period. In other words, there is no other way but to destroy ISIS before getting too late; otherwise, Islamic world will be belittled by the fateful triangle: Israel, US, and Saudi Arabia.

The performance of ISIS over the last months can show that one of the main purposes of this terrorist group is to remove Islamic symbols from the Middle East. Their forces are on a mission to destroy Islamic civilization in Syria and Iraq such as mosques, holy shrines, and Islamic massive figures.

All such activities are rooted in Wahhabism. In other words, Wahhabis will destroy any Islamic symbols, having objectivity in the real world especially those dated back to the beginning of Islam. For the first time, the destruction of ancient Islamic civilization, taken place by Saudi officials, started from Mecca and Medina. It is conspicuous that such destructive policy is on a par with Jewish teachings and ideals. The violent conduct of ISIS as a symbol of Wahhabism such as murder of innocent people as well as other crimes can be regarded as the other side of extremism which can be found in the violence of Israel.

Saudi officials have tried to remove all Islamic signs and symbols from the Middle East whereas the Christian world, by spending billions of dollars, has endeavored to sustain its 2-thousad-year civilization such as historical churches.

Anyway, the world of Islam has faced an unusual phenomenon, tending to destroy all Islamic symbols. It is obvious that Mecca is the most important symbol of Islam and Medina reminds us of God’s Last Messenger.

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