Sunday, 15 September, 2019

Middle East’s Largest 3-D Planetarium Inaugurates in Tehran

The largest 3-D planetarium in the Middle East, called Gonbad-e-Mina (Dome of Mina), was inaugurated on Monday morning at a ceremony attended by Tehran Mayor Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf and a number of officials from Iran’s Space Agency (ISA).

The planetarium, located at Abbas-abad neighborhood of Tehran, is designed as a sphere showing all stars, planets and other celestial bodies for entertainment and educational purposes.

Addressing the ceremony, Managing Director of Abbas-abad Lands Renovation Company Ardeshir Nourian said that: “Planetarium will have an area of about 11,000 square meters. It will include total map of the sky on a spatial sphere with diameter of 30 m. The sphere will show travel into the galaxy and its location along Hemmat highway will provide easy access through Hemmat, Modarres and Haqqani highways.”

He added that the “Dome of Mina” project was important for promoting astronomy among the elites and hailed the close cooperation between the ISA and the municipality in this respect.

The planetarium, which is one of a kind and the largest in the Middle East, offers visitors a view of the sky projected on the ceiling. There is a projector at the center of the planetarium and separate projectors for the Sun, the Moon and other planets and stars.

The projectors are operated by motors whose speed can be increased or decreased.

A planetarium is a theatre built primarily for presenting educational and entertaining shows about astronomy and the night sky, or for training in celestial navigation

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