Thursday, 14 November, 2019

Is Mossad Behind Paris Bloody Attack?

Just 2 days after Paris bloody attack, in which 12 journalists of Charlie Hebdo newspaper were killed, it is not exactly clear that which organization or terrorist group is behind this bloody event. During the last 48 hours, some terrorists groups such as Al-Qaeda’s Yemeni branch and even ISIS had claimed responsibility for such a horrible event. On the other hand, the world opinion tends to recognize one of these groups as the mastermind of last Wednesday attack.

But it seems that the media and world opinion disregard another organization that might have played the chief role at Paris attack: Israel’s Mossad.

Reviewing the latest France positions towards Palestine and Israel, it is feasible to envisage  the probably role of Mossad at bloody attack. In the early December of 2014, French Parliament unanimously urged the Government to recognize Palestinian State, whereas this unanimous vote was considered as “grave mistake” by Israel Prime Minister. Even before doing it, Israel warned France about the consequences of its support for Palestine.

In another incident happened last week, Israel expressed his deep disappointment to France over recognizing Palestine in the Security Council. France was among eight countries who cast its positive vote concerning the Israel’s withdrawal to 1967 borders. It seems that the French Government’s decision has created some serious conflicts within Israel and prompted Mossad to show a quick reaction.

Another hypothesis which raises the probability of Mossad involvement at Paris attack is Israel’s support for Islamic extremist groups in Syria and Iraq. According to some sources, since Syria civil war began in 2011, those terrorists who injured in the fight with Syrian government forces, were taken to Israel’s hospitals for treatment. In the other words, Islamist terrorists have been supported by Israel Government in different ways.

Eventually, this point should not be missed that one of the main purposes of such events as Paris attack is to increase probably pessimism in the West towards Islam. Consequently, Zionism which considers his race, nation, and religion as the best ones in the world, has tried to wreak havoc on both Islam and Christianity and to take advantage of it by committing horrible events such as Paris attack.

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