Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Why Is Netanyahu in High Dudgeon?

By: Mansour Afrasiabi

In a period, there were tremendous challenges between Iran and some other western countries especially United States which were mainly due to some issues such as Iran’s nuclear program and Israel took benefit from them. In other words, Iranophobia, Islamophobia have been invariably used by Israel to underscore the threat of Iran both for western and Islamic countries.

When an Iranian official put forward the Holocaust along with nuclear talks, then there was one of the golden opportunities for Israel to prove Iranophobia. By doing so, Israel did attract attention of myriad western and Islamic countries as well.

When Dr. Rouhani took office, adopting new policies based on guidelines of Supreme Leader as well as utilizing logical path for nuclear talks, Israel especially Netanyahu was truly anxious about it. Iran’s nuclear issue was an excuse made by Israel to obstruct any benign interaction among Iran, the west, and some Arabic countries. They know well that Iran has not been seeking for making nuclear weapons to attack Israel. In other words, no nuclear weapons are needed to attack Israel.

Israel Government especially Netanyahu has been paralyzed with the fear of any reconciliation between Iran and the west especially US. History showed that the travel of MacFarlane raised concerns in Israel.

The western media indicated that Iran’s strategy, logic, wisdom, and stamina have led the west to recognize the emptiness of Israel’s claims in the name of Iranophobia. Therefore, Netanyahu will gain nothing from his speech in the Congress.

Yet, in this case, Iranian smart use of soft power should be mentioned because they can make all Israeli plots, which had targeted Iran’s interaction with the western and even Islamic countries, ineffective by depending only on our own strengths.

Iran’s use of smart power in nuclear talks, formulation of new strategies in the interaction with the west, and the failure of Takfiri groups such as ISIS in Iraq and Syria have led Netanyahu to be sucked in a difficult situation. He is now indignant and trapped in a quandary. Israeli history have not recorded any crisis like this by which its Prime Minister has been sucked in tragic circumstances. Netanyahu is anxious about the reconciliation of Iran-US relations. At the end, does the deal between Iran and P5+1 make him so vulnerable and indignant?

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