Wednesday, 04 January, 2017

Netanyahu Likens Iran to ISIS, Obstructing Nuclear Deal


By: Vahid Jafarian

As nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 have reached the critical point, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to obstruct the talks by publishing a video cartoon against Iran on social media.

The official Twitter account of the office of the Israeli prime minister recently issued a 30-second cartoon video comparing Iran to the Islamic State (ISIS) at the same time as US and other international diplomats met with their Iranian counterparts in Vienna for the final round of the nuclear talks.  The extremists, in this video, are shown going on a rampage in the desert, plowing over victims in the desert until the insignia on their tanks transform into Iran’s flag. “The Islamic Republic of Iran. Like ISIS. Just much bigger,” the video concludes, using another name for the Islamic State.

During a joint meeting between Israel Prime Minister and Italy’s Foreign Minister on Tuesday, Netanyahu also likened Iran to the terrorist group i.e. ISIS. “The Islamic State of Iran, the foremost sponsor of international terrorism, should not have access to nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu told.

Such a mock accusation has been made exactly when Iran and P5+1 are talking with each other and both sides are ready to sign a possible deal over next days.

It seems that Netanyahu -who has so far utilized all available tools to derail nuclear talks, but none were successful- is trying to deceive the public opinions by likening Iran to ISIS just on the threshold of nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1. In other words, he tries to infuse the idea that there is no difference between Iran and ISIS (in terms of functions and purposes) so that Iran even would be able to conduct much bigger terrorist attacks than ISIS if acquired nukes.

Such a superficial analogy between Iran and ISIS comes at the time that Iran has been at the front of fighting with ISIS for more than two years. Iran has proved that its actions are much louder than its words. However, those, who claimed to fight against terrorism, not only have been silent and inactive but also have supported it directly and indirectly.

Moreover, everybody knows that Israel has so far been immune to ISIS’s actions. What ISIS did in the region has been on a par with Israel’s purposes and objectives. As evidence shows, ISIS is rooted in Israel and its intelligence organizations and for an evidence, Israeli officials has accepted the treatment of some terrorists in Israel’s hospitals. On the contrary, ISIS can be recognized as a serious security threat for Iran because of its presence on the country’s borders.

Anyway, Netanyahu is overactive to make his last-ditch attempts to obstruct the talks at a time when final negotiations are ongoing. In this respect, Israeli media have closely aligned with him to publish news such as Israeli possible attacks against Iran in case of any deal between Tehran and western countries. Despite all such measures to curb nuclear talks, however, it seems that both Iran and world powers are truly determined to come to a compromise until July 7.

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