Saturday, 14 September, 2019

New Tech-Savvy Iranian Generation

By: Bobbie


All over the world everyone is counting the days to see the results of this long nuclear marathon. Notwithstanding the deal is probable and possible but both sides should do their best for reaching a compromise.

Iran has shown that despite of crippling sanctions many Iranians still have good cars and high-end techs. One can find everything in Tehran just in a jiffy! As you know, Iran has the largest number of Porsche in the Middle East.

In this paper I would like to mention that Iran is the most attractive place in the world. Many western and eastern tourists have been attracted to Iran due to its dazzling sights. Per year, the number of visitors will be extended. All are due to beauty of Iran and honesty and chivalry of Iranians.

Iran is the last destination of many tourists each year. Many want to travel by train, by sea, by car and by everything. Only destination is of importance i.e. Iran. The way they tend to be here is not the same as the destination. For example, last months, two trains called “Golden Eagle” and ““Hezar-o-Yek Shab (Thousand and one Night)” traveled to Iran. Their photos are available. It is very interesting to see that some foreigners feel comfortable in your country. Despite of propaganda against Iran and its security, but they all enjoyed a lot and nothing was happened.

“Iran is great”. A German tourist family fascinated by beauties of Iran and hospitality of Iranians promotes the country in more than 10 European countries. In their website – – the Ivan family explains its mission including:

  • improve the image of the Iranian people and their country
  • increase tourism to Iran
  • increase the awareness that Iran is a country with a high touristic, cultural and historical potential
  • demystify the fact that Iran is a so-called „terrorist“ or Arab country

But the question is that why they love Iran? The Ivan family holds more than a travel connection with Iran where they have faced both odds and evens on their visit during the year 2013.

Some of the world’s most prominent hotel managers will visit Iran soon to discuss investment in the country’s tourism and construction of luxury hotels, president of World Trade Center Tehran Mohammad Reza Sabzalipour has said.

“One of these brand names, a large hotel management company, owns more than 150 luxury hotels in five continents and is famous for its services and hospitality,” he said, without naming them.

Sabzalipour said extensive negotiations with several big names in the sector had been going on for a year for investment in the construction and renovation of hotels and commercial hotel management.

Last but not least, I talk about Volleyball game between Iran and United States of America held last week. The US volleyball coach John Speraw lauded the Iranian people and said that the people have treated them so kindly.

In the end, western countries especially United States have imposed sanctions against Iranian people for many years. Notwithstanding these crippling long-standing sanctions, but Iranians have thrived to strive in various fields such as technology. The number of tech shops, home appliance shops, and mobile shops can prove this reality that we can survive. Concerning mobiles, there are various megamalls concerned in selling cell phones. As history shows we Iranians have proved to be at the pinnacle of science and technology; consequently, we cannot be imposed unless we stand on our own.

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