Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

No matter Iran or US: Extremism No Longer Works

By: Abdolreza Ghofrani, Senior International Analyst

Over the past two decades, political and social shifts in different parts of the world, or putting in a better word, in international grounds have barely made it pretty evident that extremism and hardline ways do not work out but merely instigating great adverse upshots and grave consequences.

This new episode proves to be true for any country or society being either developed or developing, great or small with any system of governance. We daresay all countries of the world have this characteristic in common.

Iran parliamentary elections last week are a landmark indication of this leaning. These elections bluntly proved that, adhering to democracy, Iran political system as well as the people of this country calls for non-extremism policies and by and large prefer moderate approaches.

Since ever Dr.Hassan Rouhani’s administration did take office two years ago and even through Iranian presidential campaign in 2013, it had declared “moderation” as its platform. It has been quite well known that by this wise and moderate approach, his administration could have solemnly resolve the nuclear issue, thus shunning the grave consequences of the past extremism policies.

Certainly The United States is not an exception. Because over the past two decades it has experienced dreadful consequences of hardline policies taken by ex-administrations, and paid great human and financial loses for those policies.

Though, the present US administration and its Democrat President, by comparison with some groups and institutions of the government have so far attempted to shun previous hardheaded and tough policies of their predecessors.

Time and again, President Obama reiterated that “diplomacy” could win and serve everybody’s interests”. So far so good, however this can only be proved by deeds not merely words. Because there are still more rooms for US administration to verify that claim.

Moreover, it sounds that the Americans and as a whole the public opinion in that country prefer moderation and apparently are sick of extremism and hardline approaches.

Perhaps the recent Iran parliamentary election is a good example of leaning to moderation and pragmatism that may be taken by others, albeit American people too.

It is pretty well known that through the past decades, any time Republicans (mostly hardliners) have taken office, by making extreme and hardline policies, they have triggered new tensions, flashpoints and eventually waged wars in different parts of the world.

At the end of the day the heavy costs of these policies have just weighed on single Americans. Although the US presidential election is on November, now seven months away and certainly till then more developments in domestic politics in that country cannot be unexpected, there are some hopeful indications which deserve attention.

The positions taken by some prominent politicians, themselves being influential figures in GOP, are worthy to note. In an extraordinary display of Republican chaos, the Republican Party’s most recent presidential nominees, Mitt Romney and John McCain, criticized current front runner Donald Trump on Thursday, calling him unfit for office and a danger for the nation.

“His character is not stable, and he is not a thoughtful leader,” Romney declared. He called Trump “a phony” who is “playing the American public for suckers,” a man whose “imagination must not be married to real power”

This dispute reveals, as put by analysts, an unprecedented situation frightening the Republican Party’s most prominent leaders, past and present, against each other particularly now that Democrats begin to unite around Hillary Clinton.

Naturally, at the end of the day, it is for American people to decide for themselves and the others are not entitled to do so.

However, nobody can renounce that the days for extremism and hardliners are numbered and will not serve anyone’s interests particularly the big powers, because their approaches, whatever it may be, will have deep international consequences and therefore they are absolutely responsible to the people of the world.

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