Wednesday, 20 November, 2019

Nuclear Agreement instrumental to solve Middle East Problems

Iran and 5+1 did hold 10th round of nuclear talks in Vienna on 24 November, and agreed to extend these talks for another seven month. The two sides will work and finish the political agreement within four month and through the next three month they iron out the technical details or in other word removing the problems and finding solutions.

Notwithstanding the hectic negotiations, which had begun one week prior to the deadline, that is 24 November, naturally it was expected, or in fact it was everybody’s perception that the final and comprehensive agreement would be sealed. Though it was not the case.In spite of progresses that had been achieved, either side, given the new proposals put forth, would rather to extend deadline. Thus, they will have enough time and opportunities to draft a comprehensive and mutually agreed upon deal. Now the talks have come to an irreversible point and everybody is looking forward to resolving the problems, and in the words of some statesmen, there is no way to retrieve the conditions prior 24 November 2021 that interim agreement was reached.

Considering the existing conditions of both sides, the extension of talks aiming at resolving the problems will be good for either of them. It sounds the following reasons are good enough that may prove the extension of the talks for making the final deal was unavoidable:

1- After one year of intensive talks, the two parties now do have much more comprehension of each other viewpoints and positions, so it is no logic to take new positions and / or changing their status, that may be inconsistent with the aim of the negotiations. Undoubtedly, this awareness and understating will help negotiations to advance at a more rapid pace and eventually speed up reaching the deal.

2- After decades, Iran and the United States, in the course of nuclear talks, have had direct and bilateral and face to face talks, being unprecedented over the past 35 years, which is a new parameter and certainly did have constructive effects in the course and the atmosphere of the negotiations.  These bilateral talks have provided good opportunities for both countries to get directly acquainted with each other’s view points and positions on nuclear issues. Certainly, this process, over the months to come, will persist, making it possible for both sides further narrow the gaps. It is, however, worthy to note that the principal differences between the two countries do still remain that we would rather not to discuss them at this point. Although Iranian high authorities have always believed in talks provided that be on fair and equal basis.

3- Those opposing the advance of the talks and reaching a comprehensive nuclear agreement, now should have found out that their attempt to torpedo or stall the nuclear talks and sealing a deal may have short term effects, but in long term their endeavors will be nothing but futile; because the international conditions have changed even since ever last year. They need to bear in mind or as a matter of fact they should be warned that any stall or destructive actions that adversely affect these talks, its negative consequences will not be limited to only one area. This is a fact that a majority of people do not but admit. Moreover, given the existing facts and indications, this is not what the present US administration is up to.

4- Now, Iran has been recognized as a regional power, having far too influence on the developments of this region, whose role is increasingly discernible. Its reasonable and right positions either on nuclear or regional or as a whole on Middle East issues is  a fact that nobody can deny. Of course these positions fall in with her national interests. In the course of nuclear talks the whole world have been witnessing the moderate and transparent policy of Iran, being short of any extremism or adventurism. So, given this conditions, it is expected that the other side be consistent in its position, doing away with flip flop policy.

5- It is now pretty obvious that should the nuclear talks come to a good conclusion and the comprehensive agreement be sealed, it will have its positive effects on the problems of the region , that most of them are unfortunately complicating beyond the control. Because this deal will lay grounds for mutual cooperation to confront the dangers of the present circumstances. Definitely those countries that make problems and obstacles on the process of the talks are absolutely aware that if the circumstances in the region go beyond the control they will lose much more and the damages are far too greater for them. It has now been verified that Iran is not a danger for them and they are threatened from others that they have had their hands in creating them.

6- Now, analysts, scholars, authors and some of American statesmen do not hesitate to say bluntly that after debacles of Iraq and Afghanistan United States (albeit not the hardliners in Washington ) no longer intends to be entrapped  in another fiasco as large as Middle East.

By and large, to maintain the stability and security of Middle East it is expected that all countries in this region (except Israel whose policies are well known to all and only wants to create turmoil and crises for using it to its benefits) take a realistic and collaborative policies to resolve the problems that is possible today because tomorrow it may be too late. Certainly Iran and 5+1 nuclear agreement will be beneficial to all countries of the region is not contrary to their interests.

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