Wednesday, 23 September, 2020

Nuclear Deal Unifies Iranians in Exile

By: Vahid Jafarian

One of the duties assigned to any government across the world is to unite all its own citizens regardless of their political trend. This integration and unity can be meaningful for all those who live in the country as well as in exile.

In fact, any measure done by governments can be regarded as one of the factors that can strengthen or split such unity among its own citizens.

Over the years after Iran’s Islamic Revolution, many Iranians have left Iran to other countries for many political or non-political reasons.

Although Iranians in exile have had a good potential, Iran’s Government has not been able to use their abilities and potentials due to some political reasons.

But, for the first time over the last three decades, something strange happened for Iran this week: The support of Iran nuclear deal became an excuse for Iranians in exile to align with Islamic Republic of Iran! They, regardless of their political trend or what they wore, rallied in 100 cities across the world on Saturday in support of the historic nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers, to support “Peace” all over the world.

Those who had commonly participated in the anti-Revolution rallies over the last years, staged the rally to support “deal”, “peace” and at least their own homeland.

Although it is not true to say that all people participating this rally were on a par with Iran’s political values and trends, it can be regarded a huge success for Rouhani’s Administration that united opponents and proponents of Islamic Republic of Iran on the pretext of nuclear deal.

Anyway, the effects of nuclear deal should not be seen only from political and economic perspective and the social solidarity achieved, especially among Iranians in exile, will be one of its key outcomes.

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