Sunday, 15 September, 2019

Number of female MPs in Iran Parliament reaches record high

With the victory of four more women in the second round of parliamentary elections, the number of women in the 10th Iranian parliament reached 17, which is a record high for the Islamic Republic.

Iranian media report that Massoumeh Aghapour, Samieh Mahmoudi, Zahra Sai and Khadijeh Rabii managed to win the most votes in their ridings on Friday April 29.

According to official voting results, 17 women have been elected to the Iranian Parliament, setting a new record for the Islamic republic, with the previous highest number of female MPs being 14. The new female section of the Parliament mostly shares reformist views, while the previous Parliament had only 9 women who shared mostly conservative views.

Official results Saturday showed that reformist and moderate politicians allied with President Hassan Rouhani won a big victory in second round parliamentary elections.

With 290 seats total, 133 seats went to reformists, — who support current President Hassan Rouhani — and 125 to conservatives, with the rest distributed between independents and minorities. There are 136 parties that take part in parliamentary elections in Iran. During the first round of elections that took place in February no party achieved the required 25% of parliamentary representatives

Rouhani notes record 6% women elected

The president of Iran has congratulated voters on electing a record number of women to parliament since before the 1979 Islamic revolution, BBC reported.

President Rouhani acknowledged the new record and said: “People chose the best candidates in the 26 February and 29 April elections.”

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