Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

Obscurity and contradictions in Trump’s words

By: A.R.Ghofrani

In its  last issue, as it has been the  custom for decades to name a famous figure as the person of the year, this time around just a few days ago Time Magazine has picked president-elect Donald Trump for this year. The criterion for the prestigious magazine choice is, customarily, the famous people who have made great services or been remarkable for their actions. Though the negative features of the chosen personality also are not disregard. Reportedly, the Time, however, has chosen Donald Trump and title goes to him as a newsmaker that has influenced events regardless being bad or good. By giving an accurate attention to the magazine cover and the catchphrase next to the Trump image, anyone may easily figure out that it is not only picking president-elect for this title, but the magazine has had a message for the peoples of the United States as well as the world. The phrase on the magazine cover is” Donald J. Trump the President of Divided States”!! There is still more than one month till 20 January 2022 that Trump is supposed to assume US administration and given his unpredictable character and rapidly changing his positions so any prediction as far as the president elect is concerned is highly erroneous. So this author, like many others, has no intention here to make any anticipation. However given the existing facts, there are many questions and ambiguities as for the future of Trump policies.

First, usually after any presidential elections in US, the winner, no matter from which of two major parties he or she  is, everyone including the defeated party and all the voters and politicians accept the president –elect as the manifestation of the unity of the country though they may be critical of his or her policies and performance. In other words the president-elect is the leader of the whole country. However in last November elections, being unprecedented that needs further pondering, the conditions are not the same as the past and there are changes to be noted. Picking Trump as the person of the year by the Time and calling him “the President of Divided Sates” is an indication that a change in political society of the United States is in the makings or already there might have been transformation. Having the new situation in mind, the new president will have a challenging administration in his tenure of office.

In his Eighteen months campaign Trump made so many promises. Economic growth, full employment and dealing more with domestic affairs and problems….. and paying less attention to foreign affairs, were among those promises. Certainly the promises he did make were for all American people that half of them did not vote for him,  but naturally it does not only cover the half that by their votes made him the president. Obviously, Trump has so much opposition, and there are now discussions of dividing American into two parts. How Trump by keeping his promise wants to reunite the society in present circumstances is something that needs more reflection.

The third issue is the obscurity and unpredictability of Trump and, as he repeatedly has said that he would more deal with domestic issues and foreign affairs is his second priority; then it is anybody guesses as to why he has appointed (or is appointing) the persons for his cabinet key posts who are mostly hardline retired military people? The persons who so far have taken extreme positions and this just imply the war and confrontations. So it is quite evident that domestic issues are not Trump’s top priority and foreign relations  is one of the most important concerns of his administration agenda; therefore by explicit extremism positions taken by some of his colleagues, it is not too hard to predict that new crisis points, wars and confrontations during his office is pretty probable.

By and large we have to wait and see. On 20 January 2022 Donald Trump will take power and officially assume the powerful office. He has said that some actions will be taken during the first 100 days of his office. So it is still quite necessary to wait and be patient. Though, it is improbable that the new administration objectives and policies be well known in three months. But what matters most is to know how much the new president is transparent in his words and deeds.

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