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Iranian nation in the word is so important because effective role in progress of humanity. Henri bor
Iranian civilization is older than the pyramids of Egypt. Cronin
If ignore Iranian works the best part of what is called science it is destroyed. Edward Braun
What other people have learned from the Iranian nation. Professor Smith
Undoubtedly the Iranians were the first world’s teachers. Professor Smith
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CIA spy arrested; Iranian intelligence service revealed the story

Iran's intelligence service revealed the story of arresting a CIA spy.According to the Iranian state television broadcast, a Westerner who identified as Matti Valok who had spied for the US Central Intelligence Agency.The man, aged about 30, with long hair, is presented without nationality be stated in a report entitled "hunters trapped."He was arrested in 2012 after being monitored for several months by the Iranian intelligence... Read more

Attack of “The Fog”: The Dark Side of U.S. Sanctions Hover above Iran for More Than a Week

Often reported are the callous sanctions affecting Iranians in terms of medical conditions, devaluation of their currency, and the spike in prices of meats as well as other goods. Rarely have we seen the dark side of sanctions on the environment. The increasing pollution in Iran bolstered by U.S. led sanctions should alarm not only Iranians yet earth inhabitants on a macro scale. Pollution anywhere... Read more

John Kerry's Positions on Iran: Interaction or Confrontation?

U.S President Barack Obama recently nominated Senator John Kerry to be the next secretary of state. If confirmed by the Senate, Kerry will replace outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as head of the State Department. John Forbes Kerry (born December 11, 2021) is the senior United States Senator from Massachusetts, in office since 1985. He is the ninth most senior United States Senator and... Read more

Iran's Benefits of Oil Sanctions: The Other Side of the Coin

The recent sanctions on Iran’s oil sector by U.S. have provided new opportunities for the Islamic Republic of Iran to boost its non-oil exports. In her statement, U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, recently that Iran’s oil production fell by a million barrels per day in September and October, compared to the same period in 2011. Shortly before Clinton’s statement was released the White... Read more

Are there any benefits to castigate Iran?

The UN General Assembly's Third Committee, which concentrates on human rights issues, recently passed a resolution condemning human rights record in Iran. The resolution, drafted by Western governments, hit out at alleged torture and executions in Iran, "widespread" restrictions of freedom and "pervasive" violence against women. In response to the passing of this resolution, Iran's foreign ministry accused the West of using the issue for political... Read more

The Effects of Iran’s Discourse on the Palestinian Issue

  The ending of the World War II and the emergence of a phenomenon called Israel in the Muslim world equations caused different reactions within the Muslim world.   The Palestine no longer had been considered as only a name of a territory or a part of usurped land of Islamic world, instead it considered as an obvious sign of encroaching on Islamic – Arabic identity.   In this article... Read more

Ayatollah Khamenei's Fatwa; Strong evidence of peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program

  Every country has a national ideology, just like the American exceptionalism. Iran and Iranians have their own national ideology based on Shiism of Islam; its impact can easily encompass all national decisions and laws of the country. In globalization, diplomatic relations, foreign policies and even public diplomacy it is obvious that one of the main factors that decreases issues and even tensions is the national ideology... Read more

The Money, the Puppets, and the Sheep: The Elements of Iran’s Green Movement and the Markings of a C…

  In a world desperate for change and people desperate to emulate the west the objective of change may seem ideal if truly pure motives are the underlying reason for social movements. Sadly synthetic movements are expanding in the Middle East where only elites have something to gain and the people for all their hard work are left with nothing. Moreover, in some cases like Libya, Libyans must... Read more

Iran – al Qaeda relationship and the American propaganda

  During the last week great number of News Company announced the special report about U.S treasury offering. It was allocated $7 million to information of Muhsin al-Fadhli and $5 million for Adel Radi Saqr al-Wahabi al-Harbi who considered as the leaders of al Qaeda's network in Iran. U.S government strongly argued that these people are living in Iran and use its territory for their terroristic... Read more

Is Iran the Greatest Enemy of the United States?

  Public opinion has important role in democracy because the people are the ultimate source of power. Governmental official has to account and pay attention to public opinion in deciding for policies. Public opinion can shape and change policies and any governmental official cannot ignore this important. The United States as a democratic country in during its political history is an obvious instance to show importance... Read more

Trial of Arbab Siyar; a new psychological warfare against Iran

  A year ago on almost this exact day, an Iranian-American citizen named Mansour Arbab Siyar was accused of trying to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in U.S.A. However, Americans offered no valid evidence and only based their claims on Arbab Siyar's using intercepted conversations. His first trial was held and U.S. media insisted that he had confessed in planning murder of the Saudi ambassador.Siyar was arrested... Read more

Biden talks show that Iran’s sanctions are illegal

Biden talks show that Iran’s sanctions are illegal

  U.S Vice President Joe Biden recently acknowledged that Iran currently does not have a nuclear weapon. And while Iran is “a good way away” from developing one “all this bluster” is keeping heard. During a vice presidential debate between Biden and Romney's running mate Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, U.S vice President said that: “There is no weapon that the Iranians have at this point. Both the... Read more

What will the fate of Iranian hostages be?

  Taking hostages and kidnapping is a serious crime that violates all accepted international law and humanitarian principles. The kidnapping of 48 Iranian nationals during they religion trip to Damascus in early august by an armed terrorist group is a deep crime and clear example of this issue. Armed terrorist group abducted 48 Iranian pilgrims who were traveling by bus from Damascus airport. Head commanders of... Read more

When Canada accuses Iran of violating human rights

  Political and insidious approaches to the concept of human rights have caused most damage to the human being’s fundamental rights and liberty. Canada has always been one of the countries Criticize the human rights records of other countries has been at the forefront; However, several published reports on human rights issues at the show C Ottawa has long faced major challenges in this field. Report... Read more

A view on the effects of sanctions against Iran

  After the victory of Islamic Revolution, Iran has always been faced with global pressures. Sometimes it has been caught in the war, sometimes faced with threats of military attack and sometimes grappled with problems such as economic sanctions, and what has been used most by western countries against Iran is economic sanction. The economic sanction is a planned action by one or more governments through restricting... Read more

Consequences of a possible attack on Iran

  A volcano which recently erupt in Iceland, disrupted airlines in Europe. Millions of people suffered damage and financial losses. Maybe it was a sign that the things which may be appeared different though, including a military confrontation with Iran over Islamic Republic's nuclear program, will not be inconclusive and without any harm. Such an attack certainly would have disastrous consequences and disrupt all political, military,... Read more

Strategic challenges between America and Israel about attack on Iran

Obama’s refusal to meet with Israeli Prime Minister and media analysis of the cause of action, former U.S President Jimmy Carter warning on America's stance against Iran and the Middle East, Britain opposition to possible military action against Iran and the French president's request for the Zionist regime's pursuit of diplomacy are the key events relating to the topic of military attack on Iran. The relationship... Read more

No Iranian Interference in Yemen

  The background of the conflicts between the Yemeni government and Saada oppositions who were called Houthis rebels later goes back to 2004. In 09/08/2009, while it was against Doha convection, an operation called “the burned land” was led by Yemeni troops and some Sunni tribes intended to clear north of Yemen from Zaidi Shiites. There are many differences between the religion of Houthi Shiites and Iranian... Read more

Confiscation of Iranian figures

  For years the Turkish government has introduced Molana the Persian poet to the world as a Turkish poet and Arabic countries has introduced, Bu Ali Sina, Birooni, and Razi as Arabs. Government of Azerbaijan also uses propaganda introducing Nezami, Ferdowsi, Hafez and Rumi, the four pillars of the great Persian poets Literature poetry as Turks and anti-Iranians. Someday Plato was asked if people would believe... Read more

Why Canada breaks off relations with Iran?

  The Canadian Government act made a huge question mark in world of politics. “What was behind the curtains?” people asked themselves. Canada had no justification or any real excuses for the action. The relations between two governments have been strained over the past 3 years, but during this period, Canadian Governors had never decided about such action. The Canadians reasons stated emphasized that the decision where... Read more

Iran's highest security

    Foucault says: "History is a law; Request a nation is much easier, the task is complicated by the nation's politicians ... » and Perhaps no more obvious and yet simple request of "security" for the people of a society can be thought. Perhaps "safe life" was the first human needs, desires the highest priority of the request as normal human security concept in the light of... Read more

Arrest members of terror club

  Arrest the perpetrators of the assassination of Iranian nuclear Martyrs Shahriari ,Ahmadi Roshan,Rezai,Alimohamadi and Qashqai by the Ministry of Information and security These operation indicate that the immune system of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the world's most powerful security systems. Since the beginning of the Revolution, which saw a lot of assassinations have been in the country So far not taken any action on... Read more

Speak with UN Secretary General

  UN Secretary General's condemned Iran and Iranian President's statements about Zionist taunt. But now the question is Mr. Ban Ki-moon you about the Zionist Genocide in Palestine and the confiscation of their land they also threaten every day against neighboring countries, especially Iran, what action have? Israel has more than a decade that the Iranian threat to attack Iran's nuclear facilities but over the years, none... Read more

Iranian philanthropy in recent earthquakes

  Necessary of Provide supplies for victims of recent earthquake was the point Again revealed unity, communion and participation of people in critical moments. A commendable effort of the proud Iranian nation is balm for victims of this painful incident. This position in our society in terms of beliefs, belief in divine promises as well as people-oriented culture and generosity is always facing people. Welcome and please... Read more

Iran's success at the Olympics

  Iran Sports team in the end of fourteenth day of the Olympics left Historical record and immortalized in the history of the Games to prove that if our heroes with mental relaxation and a complete fitness put up such a large field Able to obtain more significant results.   If we want to come in comparison we discuss the rewards and logistics and tours and address  ... Read more

NAM presidency and Iran's international position

  NAM in the new international system as a powerful force against the other poles, Union, equations and global political and economic arrangements Examines the role. And the efforts that the behavior of great powers adjustments in relation to global issues. Iran will be chairman for three years of this movement. NAM in 1961 During the Cold War with the efforts of people like Nehru, Sukarno, Jamal... Read more

Strange accusations against Iran

  On the eleventh of September 2001 the most controversial and important world events took place in America the equations and relations in various spheres of international relations in political, economic and did undergo major changes. One of the interesting news, but strange world press today, Iran's condemnation with the Taliban and Al Qaeda on trial in the United States. The "Times of Israel", an American judge, Iran,... Read more

Israel wants to attack Iran

    Every few months we hear rumors and speculation, Israel wants to attack Iran most senior Israeli security experts say such an attack is not only stupid but also will put Israel in a worse condition than before the attack. The constant flood threats (that it's never been done) is an Israeli strategy to put pressure on Iran, in other words, this is one of the factors... Read more

Political and legal dimensions of not delivering S-300 missiles to Iran

  The story of selling Russia’s S-300 missiles to Iran began when Iran and Russia signed an agreement in 2005 by which Russia committed to deliver five S-300 systems to Iran in 2007 in expense for $800 million. S-300, in fact, is one of the fastest and most effective ground-to-air missiles made by Russia and it is difficult for anti-aircraft systems to divert or neutralize it. This... Read more

Iran's new ally to circumvent sanctions

  Unlike the dreams of American statesmen, Iraq, Iran's greatest enemy and rival Iran will one day become the closest ally of Iran. Today America is so concerned about Iraq, Iran circumvent sanctions against Iran for its help. Despite initial impressions of former statesmen and America today, the day Iraq was Iran's biggest enemy and regional rival to become the closest ally of Iran in regional... Read more

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‘Average American knows very little about daily life in Iran’

  U.S. journalist and photographer Nile Bowie says U.S. citizens know very little about daily life in Iran, adding that the...

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The allegation that Iran is developing nuclear weapons is a mirage: Arshin Adib-Moghaddam

    The allegation that Iran is developing nuclear weapons is a mirage: Arshin Adib-Moghaddam Dr. Arshin Adib-Moghaddam is a political commentator and...

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Iran was not what we had thought: Sid Ganis

  The contradictory signs and inconsistent overtures of Iranian and American officials to renormalize their long-muddled ties and become friends again...

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American hypocrisy on Iran's nuclear program can't be clearer: Noah Gimbel

  It's been almost a decade that the United States, Israel and their European allies have been pressuring Iran to give...

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Iran is not as isolated as the U.S. would like: Yvonne Ridley

  Regular followers of Press TV in Britain will certainly have heard of Yvonne Ridley, a renowned British journalist, war correspondent,...

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Former NBA Player Josh Moore: My Heart will be with Iranians Forever

  Tehran - It sounds somehow outlandish to be an American athlete and social commentator, having the experience of playing in...

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Iran; the most misunderstood country of the world!

  An Interview with Jill Worrall :   Over the years when talking to a foreign tourist who has come to my motherland...

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