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Farzad Naimi

Farzad Naimi is a co-founder of LiteScape and brings 19 years of successful Silicon Valley startup leadership to LiteScape. Farzad is responsible for leading the LiteScape team and managing its strategic direction.
Farzad started his high-tech career at a start up, Centex Telemanagement, as the head of Engineering and Technology, and led Centex Telemanagement to its IPO, which preceded its subsequent acquisition by WorldCom. Farzad continued his career as Executive Vice President and COO at Prestige International, Japan’s largest Customer Relationship Management organization that later had a successful IPO in Japan. Farzad also participated in a successful start up, VisaNet do Brazil, funded by Visa International and 4 major banks in Brazil. VisaNet do Brazil has become the largest e-Commerce and retail banking group in Latin America and seventh most profitable company in Brazil in 2001.
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Farzad has been the co-founder and chairman of several other companies including Genesys Labs, a leader in delivering real-time customer interaction solutions to medium- and large-sized businesses. Genesys went public in 1997 and was acquired 3 years later by Alcatel for $1.5 billion. Some other companies include IQLabs, an enterprise software company specializing in real time IT infrastructure provisioning and management, and Sentek, a profitable global system integrator dealing with major clients such as American Express, Master Card, Visa and major financial institutions.
Farzad was a member of adjunct faculty at Golden Gate University where he taught MBA courses in School of Industry and Technology for 15 years.


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