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Iran ranks first among 2014world’s top tourists destinations

The British newspapers Daily Telegraph and Financial Times announced Iran as the first destination of tourists in 2014.

According to IRIB World Service citing Financial Times, the British travel company “Wild Frontier” said that the volume of requests for travelling to Iran have had 30% increase.”

Jonny Bealby the chairman of this company said: “Through the last10 years of tourist relations with Iran, the tourists have always admired the friendly attitudes of the Iranians.”

According to Financial Times, Chile, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and a Swedish city have been respectively selected as the tourists’ destination after Iran.

Daily Telegraph lauded Iran as a historical and magnificent country with a rich culture and one of the best destinations for tourism in 2014.

The report has also admired Iran’s historical caravansaries, adobe villages, eye-catching mosques, beautiful palaces and the ancient palace complex of Takhte Jamshid (Persepolis) in southern Iran as the remarkable attractions of Iran.


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