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The Money, the Puppets, and the Sheep: The Elements of Iran’s Green Movement and the Markings of a Conspiracy Made In the U.S.A.

In a world desperate for change and people desperate to emulate the west the objective of change may seem ideal if truly pure motives are the underlying reason for social movements. Sadly synthetic movements are expanding in the Middle East where only elites have something to gain and the people for all their hard work are left with nothing. Moreover, in some cases like Libya, Libyans must now deal with a more oppressive regime, physical displacement, death or worse. The same instance can be said for Syria with a recent revolt turned bloody war. Western nations and gulf allies have become so arrogant and powerful they have now taken a nose dive into other nations creating synthetic movement and revolutions prompting for “regime change”. There is a process to creating these movements and revolutions. If you were involved with the Obama campaign you witnessed first hand how the movement process works from a grass roots level. In a grass roots operation there are important key elements; first, you have your funding, then you have your big puppets, your little puppets and you gather up the sheep. Each play a significant role in the movement or revolution process. Iran’s Green movement instigated by the west although, some will always claim there was no western infiltration had all the markings and elements of the Obama campaign. Both had parallels they were well organized by using grass roots methods, pirates or puppets, and major funding from figures in bed with Zionist as well as the U.S. This false movement is an example of how a natural and real movement cannot be bought nor lost. The Green movement to topple the Iranian regime has all but failed and failed miserably the people of Iran who were mislead once again by another ploy made in the U.S.A.

The Funding

The Funding process of creating grass roots movements is one of the most important aspects in a movement. This can be done by setting up several donation sites anywhere mostly online now for convenience. Anti-Iranian Republic groups like Havaar, United 4 Iran, and Raha all have donation buttons available; they hail and contribute in some form to the Green Movement. They claim their message is anti-war and pro human rights mainly to lure in the naive passionate hopefuls. Yet, if these groups are simply about human rights why risk numerous deaths in bolstering and supporting revolutions that turn bloody? Aren’t they supposed to be non-violent and peaceful? Now if the movement is natural usually, people from all walks of life will pour their money into something they so believe in. However, in the case of Iran’s green movement since, it was not natural the funding to spread word, buy participants, and puppets had to come from somewhere. Where exactly did it come from? I had to do a little research but the answers were there with the right key words.

In an article from a credible source, Frontline at PBS. Org it confirms seven billion dollars came from U.S.A. in an effort to topple the Iranian regime once the sedation of the Green movement took place. Seven billion dollars, from who? It seems that would money come from you, the people. There were also contributors’ from inside Iran , elites and the “well to do” who rightly named this revolution Green because that’s about all it amounts to, money.  ”This failure has again laid bare the narrow social base of the Greens. A movement led by longtime now-marginalized leaders of the Islamic Republic, the Greens draws their support overwhelmingly from the more privileged sections of the urban population and seek a speedy rapprochement with US imperialism. While the Green’s principal spokesman, former prime minister and 2009 presidential candidate Mirhossein Mousavi, has conceded that the Greens have been hampered by their lack of support from the poor and the working class, and various Green strategists and their US advisers—including veteran CIA operatives—have urged the Greens to tap into plebian discontent, the recent demonstrations did not raise the social grievances of working people over increasing poverty, social inequality and economic insecurity.”

The following is a brief excerpt taken from PBS web site of the mechanisms and strings pulled to conjure up a good old fake, failed, formidable revolution!

“After the sedition of 2009 [the Green Movement] that aimed at toppling the Islamic Republic through a “soft” revolution designed by Gene Sharp [known for advocating nonviolent revolution], others, such as Joseph Nye [of Harvard University] began planning for stronger actions, including terrorist operations. Then there was a meeting at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies that lasted three hours, during which it was decided that a “government in exile” should be set up for Iran. Thus a search began for someone to lead such a government, and it settled on Mohammad Reza Madhi [a former Revolutionary Guard commander in its intelligence division who was close to the office of the Supreme Leader before he left Iran] who was in the jewelry business in Bangkok, Thailand. Madhi was contacted by the American embassy and he accepted the role, traveled to Washington, and met with[Vice President] Joe Biden who promised him full support. Then Dennis Ross [Middle East adviser to President Obama], who was in charge of the project, tried to identify other figures for the “government in exile.” One such person was Amir Hossein Jahanshahi, a businessman with dualFrench-Israeli citizenship who is close to Ashraf Pahlavi [twin sister of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi]. Others included Abdollah Mohtadi [leader of the Komala, a Kurdish dissident group], Hassan Sharafi, [Dr.] Alireza Nourizadeh [a London-based political analyst], Reza Hosseinbor, the leader of a secessionist group, and [filmmaker] Mohsen Makhmalbaf who is “the representative of the sedition to the outside world,” all of whom participated in a conference at the Atlantic Hotel in Paris.The United States also provided $7 billion for the effort. One goal of the effort was to attract Iranian diplomats. But when the identity of Ahmad Maleki [a diplomat in the Iranian embassy in Italy], a nephew of Mehdi Karroubi, was revealed, the project to attract diplomats collapsed. The unknown soldiers [intelligence operatives] of Emam-e Zaman [Imam Mahdi] rescued Madhi and returned him to Iran.”

The Puppets

Onward to my next point the processing of puppets such as Amir Hossein Jahanshahi, a businessman with dual French-Israeli citizenship. Amir who advocates for the Greens and a puppet for western imperialism is also the founder of Raha Television. Raha is the new controversial station that airs in Europe. Islamic Republic of Iran has called the T.V. network, one meant to cause discourse and division of the Iranian people by the Israeli regime. It  would seem like an accurate statement considering the actions of Amir Hossein Jahanshahi and his Zionist ties. Puppets of Iran’s green movement work with AIPAC, neo cons and Israeli think tanks. They have been described as pro shah and monarchy by a majority of Iranians. It is said only a small percent of Iranians support the movement and much of their support comes from outside factions. The actual kick start of the movement was praised as a success by western media outlets like Washington Post and CNN. But only thousands within millions showed up for protest and riots in the 2009 attempt to topple the Iranian regime. The main herder whom gathered the sheep during this revolution was Moussavi who undisputedly lost the bid for Iran’s presidency against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  The role of a puppet is much like a sheep herder, a few short task involved in gathering the sheeple and maintaining cooperation. Cooperation is vital when some of the sheep get out of hand which did happen. Many of the demonstrators turned to rioting and violence during the 09 Green-a-palooza. Hassan Dabashianother sheep herder for the Greens and other human rights groups the PBS article mentions, is a close affiliate of the Neo Con Israeli power house AIPAC, the most powerful and subjective group of lobbyist in U.S. AIPAC has angered and been accused by many Americans from all walks of life for leading Americans down a hopeless spiral of bad policy and war. Even puppets for AIPAC have turned their backs and exposed AIPAC’S intentions to involve themselves by any means in toppling the Iranian regime and have almost been imprisoned for their confessions. This also comes from PBS. ORG. ‘Weissman served as a kind of unofficial liaison to various Palestinian officials, diplomats, and academics. Later, when he became AIPAC’s chief Iran specialist, he insists that he quietly did what he could to steer the group away from direct calls for regime change in Iran, even though AIPAC was working hard to push the United States into ever stronger action against the Islamic Republic, including diplomatic isolation and tough sanctions to dissuade Iran from pursuing its nuclear program and supporting Hamas, Hezbollah, and other anti-Israel groups.’

“What the Iranians feared most, and what the neoconservatives wanted most, was a policy of propaganda, of assisting groups against the government, to foster regime change,” says Weissman. “I kept AIPAC away from that.” “You should see the people who crawled out of the woodwork to talk to me! I talked to monarchists, to socialists, to communists, everybody. And they all wanted AIPAC to support regime change,” remembers Weissman. “Israel was also trying to unduly influence the United States, too. They were sending a lot of Iranian exiles to the United States from Europe to give talks, purporting to be Iranian leaders. A lot of times, I remember, when I went to Israel Uri Lubrani would take me to meet these people who were stashed in various hotels all over Tel Aviv and he would always make me switch cabs on the way, that kind of thing! This culture of regime change was very strong, very powerful, inside elements in Israel, and the Pentagon, the neoconservatives, a lot of pundits here. Weissman believes that at the time, and to this day, Iran is less concerned about a U.S. attack than it is about an aggressive American policy aimed at toppling the regime through support to dissident groups and ethnic minorities and propaganda beamed into Iran.’

‘Weissman says that Iran was alarmed at the possibility that the United States might engage in overt and covert efforts to instigate opposition inside Iran. He says that many in AIPAC, especially among its lay leadership and biggest donors, strongly backed regime change in Iran. “That was what Larry [Franklin] and his friends wanted,” he says. “It included lots of different parts, like broadcasts, giving money to groups that would conduct sabotage, it included bringing the Mojahedin[-e Khalgh], bringing them out of Iraq and letting them go back to Iran to carry out missions for the United States. Harold Rhode backed this…. There were all these guys, Michael Ledeen, ‘Next stop Tehran, next stop Damascus.’

This brings me to my next set of puppets, Sarah, Josh, and the other Jewish guy. The three American hikers who were ironically supportive of the green movement, with family ties to the Israeli regime, who spent years in Damascus before deciding to cross the Iranian border illegally during the out break of the false revolution in Iran after safely making their way in and around Iraq before “accidently” illegaly crossing the Iranian side of the border, got locked up! But the three puppeteers still claim they were innocent and had nothing to do with western ambitions to topple the Iranian regime. I must stop my self from laughing now, but does anyone else realize how very suspicious this sounds? Here is a little history on the hikers, “Josh Fattal is a researcher in the American Jewish center and works for the Jewish magazine “The Jewish Week”. Sarah Shourd a writer and a contributor to New America Media, and one of Matador Pulse’s contributing writers. Shane Bauer is the connoisseur of the region. He is a freelance journalist in several online news organizations, fluent in Arabic, and being installed in the Arab world, he covered news in Iraq and knows that country very well. Having concealed their Judaism is doubtful and suggests they were on a mission of spying for the Israeli Mossad in particular.”

Not that anything is wrong with being Jewish but when you’re closely affiliated with the apartheid state of Israel who admits inserting terror cells in Iran, I suppose they may be worried finding you on their borders with no VISA!  The fact that the three blind mice are puppeteers for the Green revolution through a “human rights group” called Divided for Iran(that really advocates for disunity in Iran) by selling sob stories of how Iran imprisoned them just seems like a bit too much of more FPI (False Propaganda on Iran). For all it’s worth the treatment of these illegal aliens prepared to topple the Iranian government was five star compared to that of immigrants from Mexico crossing the U.S.-Mexican border! Mexican immigrants are simply shot furthermore imprisonment in Iran is not as harsh and prisons in U.S. I know I have been! (J/K, but do know people who have died in U.S. prisons) Yet, after almost a year in an Iranian prison Sarah came back fully loaded and ready to support a green movement labeling herself as a former “hostage” and even began to push her music to “free Iran”. Here are some of her music reviews;

as you can see the overall American opinion and attitude is very crass and candid about the hikers. My curiosity also leads me to wonder what this threesome was doing in Damascus before hundreds of thousands of lives where at risk with the present revolution turned war in Syria? Were they advocating for change, Obama style in the Middle East as well?  I am starkly reminded of the measures taken by young Jewish children from upstate to rally up the “sheeple” for the Obama campaign in 08’. They were sent to every location where support was needed, you needed an Obama puppet in bikini bottom Texas, and you got it. Mine was Alex she was great, she called head quarters and made sure I got all the material I needed to gather support. I then sort of became a puppet too in my ignorance. I was a young hopeful counting on change, convincing depressed citizens of the U.S. there was a difference but it was all really the same. I was in my 20’s but fell easily into the trap of believing the lesser of evil would save us from confrontation with Iran. All I ever wanted was to go back to those days where my nights were not sleepless with war on my mind. All these experiences and all these occurrences over the past four years personal and not allowed me stop and reflect upon what happened. Connecting the dots, piecing together the puzzle whatever you might call it always leads to the grand scheme of things or “the big picture”. If we can see the big picture we can stop the damage before it begins…

We The Sheeple


The most important piece to the Green Movement or any other movement are the people aka the sheeple. People are the real source of power that can get a movement going and make those obvious changes felt by all of society. Crooks and cronies know well the power of the people and will permeate a perfectly genuine movement just to acheive their own selfish means. The people at the bottom are those that carry the most weight by doing the most work. They bare the brunt physically and emotionally. Sadly just like the youth of Iran, mislead and used for the made in the U.S.A. green movement the people end up worse off if they fail to play their cards right. It is usually the sheeple who get caught up in these synthetic revolutions sacrificing everything just to fill that void in the infinite subconscious pit of useless desires.  The sheep who fell victim to the phony green movement also became pawns of such violent groups like MEK, and under the thumb of another shadowy figure, Hossein Moussavi. Mousavi is often critisized by Iranians for implimenting a fatwa that led to the death of thousands without a fair trial. Iranian youth were also inticed into bad decision making to bolster confrontations between the ordinary people and the ordinary people, just like pawns on a chess board. A massive cabal with money and power worked to control the direction and movement of the pawns at their will. Once you’re a pawn knocked off the board you are put away in box like those who fought before you. Not always are people so insignificant as pawns if aiming for the right goals and not allowing corruption like Zionism to seep into their minds and motives. We have witnessed change come from the bottom up and when the people collect and pull together, no guns or no violence is needed to show serious people mean serious buisness. My hope is now that people around the world look carefully at the source of these synthetic revolutions and those behind them. I would hate to see good people used as pawns caught up in the worst case scenerario of movements for “regime change”. People must think and ask, are you prepared to sell yourself out as a sheep or are you awake and prepared to do something better for yourself, your children and humanity? Are you prepared to do something unlike the herd, and speak out against the actions of certain Western governments, their allies, AIPAC, the puppets and all the heedless cattle?  Are you prepared to tell them no regime change in Iran?  No more toppling governments and replacing them with more puppets, let people work intelligently and peacefully for change.

Now is time to get off this endless roller coaster ride that has not contributed to the social evolution of man but only to our own destruction. Don’t you think the time has come to tell your leaders, stop making mistakes with your lives, your families and all those ordinary people around the world? It is not hard to connect the dots or put the pieces of a puzzle together. I suggest all who want different than the sheep, start looking closely at the dots and connect them. Your word may be valuable enough to bring humanity some peace.


Annie Mosqueda



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