Seven Iranians among “Mars One” volunteers


Seven ‪‎Iranians‬ have successfully passed ‘medical health’ phase of ‪Mars‬One project, and entered the next phase, and have been enlisted in 705 volunteers of one-way Mars One project.

So far, 705 people have passed the phase successfully. They include:
Ramin Saeed-Azar, Sadeq Modarresi, Elaheh Nouri, Sahar Voqouei, Ali Rasoul-Zadeh, Zohreh Fotoureh-Banabi and Saeed Qandehari.

They have the chance to be among the four people who will arrive in Mars for the first time.

In the next step, the volunteers’ personality, knowledge, flexibility and intelligence in encountering different challenges during the trip will be tested. Then the volunteers start practices to be prepared for the trip to Mars, and the final team is selected.

Mars One initially publically announced plans for a one-way trip to #Mars in May 2012, with a notional plan for an initial robotic precursor mission in 2016, and transporting the first human colonists to Mars in 2023.

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