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Iran's new ally to circumvent sanctions

Unlike the dreams of American statesmen, Iraq, Iran’s greatest enemy and rival Iran will one day become the closest ally of Iran. Today America is so concerned about Iraq, Iran circumvent sanctions against Iran for its help. Despite initial impressions of former statesmen and America today, the day Iraq was Iran’s biggest enemy and regional rival to become the closest ally of Iran in regional and international arena has become.

Few days before America invaded Iraq in 2003, “George Bush” America’s President Enterprise Institute with optimism to the success of his policies in Iraq and with the hope that America invaded Iraq after the country’s rapidly become a powerful ally We promised

that America will be for the new government in Iraq will come on an example of a rule would be promising.

But after ten years and cost hundreds of billion-dollar war in Iraq and the war efforts of the former government and America’s current situation in Iraq and did not advance as expected.

Unlike the dreams of American statesmen, Iraq, Iran’s greatest enemy and rival Iran will one day become the closest ally of Iran. Today America is so concerned about Iraq, Iran circumvent sanctions against Iran for its help. “Chase Freeman” Middle East expert, near present-day relations between Iran and Iraq, the consequences of America’s intervention in Iraq and knows very much close relations between Iran and the Iraqi government knows very significant and influential developments in the region.

Neoconservatives in the administration, “George Bush” has been thought that after the removal of Saddam Hussein in Iraq to remain in this country from the country as a military base for troops in Iraq and the region must therefore proceed with construction large military forces in the country with the cost of $ 5 billion in the world’s largest embassy in the country opened. But life was not all of George Bush that Iraqis on the agreed time and ultimately withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq in 2011, American forces was forced to leave the country.

n America today, despite incentives to sell F-16 fighters to the government of Nouri al-Maliki and the Iraqi government’s multibillion-dollar America’s Department for keeping oil prices in international markets for Iranian help in crossing the dam sanctions against America and the West most of Iran’s cooperation with Iran, so the recent summit, “OPEC” with Iran’s stance to support oil prices in global markets, tried and condemned Iran’s unilateral oil sanctions.

The “Dan Frumkyn” analyst and critic of government policies that America: Today Americans are concerned about helping Iraq’s oil to bypass the sanctions are imposed against Iran. Other signs have gone from America’s goals in Iraq; the Iraqi government not accompanied with changes in government policy toward Syria is America.

Although the Iran-Iraq relations have historically been many ups and hardware designs, but that after long years of close cultural affinity between our two nations have historically reserved. Transplantation of deep social, cultural, historical, and economic and commercial relationship exists between the two countries for expansion of Karbala in Iraq is the strongest of these links

Hawks in the White House initially thought the invasion of Iraq to this country to one of our strong allies, but using the final result turned out quite the opposite.

Americans plan to make Iraq a democratic model the Arab state of mind was made ​​up using it as one of the main producers of oil prices provide strategic fuel material. Based on this report, the issue that many experts feel that America’s foreign policy, very intimate and close relationship with Iran is Iraq. “Chas Freeman” one Middle East expert and critic of neo the strong relationship between Iran and Iraq, said the outcome of this case is extraordinary, and its brilliance is that it is thought provoking. Iraq, Iran has become so close to you sweetheart, is noteworthy.

Iraqi leaders understand that America comes and goes. Local people know that America cannot rely on for a long time, a Shiite politician, and Iran needs. America with its partners in Europe has attempted to impose oil sanctions against Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran to enter the isolation of Iraq’s oil production has flourished in the export and sale of Iraqi oil cannot vacuum, because of Iran’s oil Iraq, where sanctions could yet fill the oil fields of Iran supports. According to the document, in a recent meeting, “OPEC”, in support of Iraq against Saudi Arabia, Iran tried to use his new influence to raise oil prices and also suggested that OPEC officially support new sanctions against Iran to protest.

Iraq war was never anything that is not explained fully about it, not good ways to develop and flourish in Iraq has continued it’s deadly and destructive if not for America’s interests, it will be negative.


Reza mottaghi


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