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Israel wants to attack Iran

Every few months we hear rumors and speculation, Israel wants to attack Iran most senior Israeli security experts say such an attack is not only stupid but also will put Israel in a worse condition than before the attack.

The constant flood threats (that it’s never been done) is an Israeli strategy to put pressure on Iran, in other words, this is one of the factors of deterrence strategy. This strategy seems to be no visible impact on long-term strategy on Iran’s nuclear program has been created. More than a decade, that Iran’s nuclear enrichment program despite threats to Israel and the West is to steadily progress.

In fact, the Israeli threats that are more useful for the United States and its Western allies are pushing to serious efforts to establish sanctions; sabotage operations against Iran are possible and other activities to avoid the threat of Israeli attack. In other words, deterrence seems to be the Western allies more than Iran, Israel has targeted.

To believe in security circles, Israel is as irritating as the country responsible for the worsening economic crisis, there is little chance that Iran sees it in the Persian Gulf to fill counterattack. Very rapid increase in oil prices is a result of this work. In short, Israeli preventive strike against Iran may be destructive and cause a regional war and the enemy has to put itself under missile fire.

If Israel cannot shoot 100 missiles to Iran, an Iranian family had to escape, even if it fired four rockets into Israel, a Zionist million will be forced to flee Israeli Air Force officer and defense analyst at Tel Aviv University And other Western analysts who have studied the ways air strike on Iran In their studies have concluded that no guarantee of success for a successful air attack on Iranian nuclear facilities there.

While this is that if Israel wants the same acting in such operations did Avsyrak Iran should also do a combination of F-16I and F-16D aircraft to use. This aircraft has sufficient range to reach Iran and return the desired objectives are but due to the long distances required air refueling, these planes are not very efficient because of the weakness of the Israeli Air Force in aerial refueling facilities be Prevented the successful air strikes on Iran.

However, his statement that Israeli leaders have repeatedly threatened to attack Tehran Have to be serious, but when you attack Iran, they prefer America and its allies are attacking the steersman. In the current political climate in Israel due to Hamas victory in Palestinian elections, Ariel Sharon’s death is so difficult  although the political and military leaders in his remarks that Israel threatened to attack Iran But in practice, not military power to neither fulfill their threats nor have the financial strength necessary to attack Iran.

So they are trying to get help from America and its allies to attack Iran Also in this case have failed to achieve success Because America’s economy is now in condition to take over much confusion Any attack on Iran will increase oil prices America from attacking Iran would regret that. It now costs a fortune in this country over $ 300 billion in Iraq war has cost not to attack Iran and not the financial strength of popular support is necessary All these reasons the government can discourage him from entering a military adventure against Iran’s This is ultimately another defeat for Tel Aviv to create a global front to put pressure on Iran is considered.

The only hope now left for Israel Attempt to clarify the nuclear negotiations and economic sanctions on Iran Because of the sheer volume of transactions with other countries, especially China and Russia on Iran It seems unlikely that much pressure on Iran and Israel can impose in this field.

Iran’s military and tactical complexity and widespread popular support in Iran when external threats that caused the extensive capabilities of national defense is entitled And actually become one of the most powerful armies in the Middle East.

Israel is currently the greatest concern If Iran continues to develop and progress in economic, scientific and military continue In the not too distant future to become the most powerful country in the Middle East Interests in this sensitive area and the oil-rich West and the world The risk.

This is a point that should not be forgotten Israel, which since 1960 has been the only regime in the region that have nuclear technology, and so try to keep this country for the sole the technology for And other regional states to prevent the acquisition of Israeli defense policy is a fixed column.

The West and especially Israel, to avoid Of Iran becoming a powerful country to try Magnification and the military seem to peaceful nuclear activities This can create obstacles to scientific progress in this country This way they can continue to maintain its domination in the Middle East.

Dr. Kamran hashemipur



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