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Iran – al Qaeda relationship and the American propaganda

During the last week great number of News Company announced the special report about U.S treasury offering. It was allocated $7 million to information of Muhsin al-Fadhli and $5 million for Adel Radi Saqr al-Wahabi al-Harbi who considered as the leaders of al Qaeda’s network in Iran. U.S government strongly argued that these people are living in Iran and use its territory for their terroristic attack against target in the Middle East. This is not the first time that U.S government denounced Iran to support terroristic attack, in the last year American mentioned that Iran was the state behind the 11/9 event in the U.S.A.

Indeed this kind of accusation against Iran is completely disproof because with the evidence which we could find from history of Iran

- al Qaeda relationship they are rather in conflict than collaboration.

In the beginning of al Qaeda, Iran was discharge of this group and there is some reason for this opposition. First of all, this group is based on the fundamentalistic perception of Islam and rejected other kind of interpretation, especially Shiite version of Islam which is the base of Islamic republic of Iran. In this context their opposition of west is different in term of goal, strategy and instrument. With this huge gap between Iran and al Qaeda the corporation for an especial target is so hard. Then in the era which al Qaeda had the power in the Afghanistan many times they were conflicted with Iran.

Second reason could be under shadow of the political side of Iran and al Qaeda group in the Middle East. In fact, Iran is politically practice in the opposite side of this group. Before the Afghanistan war in 2001 Iran was supported Ahmad shah masod who fought with Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda was supported with the Saudi Arabia and some of its alliance in the region. They support was with money, Taliban base in their territory and diplomatic backing of Taliban. In 1998 Taliban were slathered 8 Iranian diplomat in the Mazari Sharif, Afghanistan during the capturing this city by Taliban forces. After this murder, a bit later they were killed other two Iranian diplomats and a journalist which working in the Afghanistan. In this time Iran made itself ready for a military action to respond Taliban with 70000 military forces in the Afghanistan border. Several years later after the 11/9 Iran was help American troops in Afghanistan to surmount Taliban. Until this time it’s obvious that Iran had deeply against Taliban and conceptualized this group as the enemy in its foreign policy. In the last decade Iran –al Qaeda relationship was still inimically and Iran was captured part of bin laden family in its territory. In deed al Qaeda didn’t lived in their base in Iran even they were imprisoned in Iran.

Actually many of the report s about their situation referred to the fact that they didn’t use Iran as the based for leading their terroristic attack network but they were under the high level of security control by Iran secret forces.

In 2008 al Qaeda sent a message to Iran’s supreme leader that they want to release bin laden family captured in Iran otherwise they did other abduction like purloin Iran deputy(attar zadeh) in the Peshawar.

As we can see, the time line of Iran al Qaeda is full of encounter and conflict and even now a day in Syria al Qaeda is one of the most important parts of anti governmental rebellions but Iran is strongly support the legitimate government of Assad in the Syria. In this condition Iran couldn’t be an allegiant of al Qaeda, because of the side that al Qaeda is operate in it. In fact, In Syria, this group fights according to the aim of its traditional supporter and contrary to the Iran national benefit. Then every claim of correlation between Iran and al Qaeda by U.S government is rejected and couldn’t be applicable.

This kind of news could be interoperated by one reason and that is about made the pretext to put more pressures on Iran by America. History show us that Iran was one of the biggest target of terroristic attack which fulfilled by this group. Then it couldn’t be an alliance of al Qaeda and a bases of their operation. This kind of news is more useful for American presidential election and propaganda against Iran than understanding the reality. Iranian people and government are strongly rejected this claim and the evidence also show us that it couldn’t be right.




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