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Is Iran the Greatest Enemy of the United States?

Public opinion has important role in democracy because the people are the ultimate source of power. Governmental official has to account and pay attention to public opinion in deciding for policies. Public opinion can shape and change policies and any governmental official cannot ignore this important. The United States as a democratic country in during its political history is an obvious instance to show importance of the public opinion and role of the people.

Latest poll that have been done in United States by Gallup research center was about greatest enemy of United States according public opinion of American people. They have done this poll six times in six years and in conclusion of all researches Iran is elected

four times as a greatest enemy of United States. American people have answered to this question: What one country anywhere in the world do you consider to be United States greatest enemy today?

In democracy the rulers and officials are elected by people who are eligible to vote and rulers have to be answerable to people about their decision and policies. Citizens’ preferences play a role in the policy in three ways: The first is that presidents are concerned about the ways in which citizens ultimately will view addition they can use from mass opinion to go over heads of congress and try to leverage public opinion.

Attentive public that part of the public that attuned to current affairs and its mass media covered and many of American public have role in affairs exactly foreign affairs and officials try to cover them because they seek public support.

Public opinion although can shape decisions and policies of country but this relation is bilateral and two side. In other words mass media, governmental officials, communication tools, polls and research center can shape the public opinion and change it according to achieve appropriate goals.

Public opinion polls have been taken when many people are not familiar with question or subject. Exit polls are used by media in an attempt to learn the results of some policies they are fallowing for example attack on Iran and this kind of polls and result support them to persuade decision makers to decide according to public opinion that they have created. They are also used by social scientists and the media to analyze variables influencing the foreign policy outcome.

When the media and research center like Gallup report a story, the reporters set a context and question and survey for the story, placing it in a setting, suggesting its boundaries, and presenting choices to news consumers and all the nation that some part of it is decision makers and officials that may have been influenced by this result and news. That is, they frame the polls.

There is some essential critic to this poll and survey that can shape some policies against Iran. The important critic about this research is the time of study and survey because it has been done only in few days that time was exactly about accusation of Iran to assassinate Saudi ambassador and all the viewpoint and media was against Iran. Mass media and all the situations were against Iran and public opinion was eager to answer strongly to Iran because they were thinking Iran treated their security in American territory and all these sense were based on non-based accusation, exactly that time they have done this poll and claimed public opinion and American people rate Iran as a greatest enemy of united states. Gallup even didn’t pay attention to this untrue situation and don’t mention at least this poll has been done in this time and situation.

They have ignored effective of mass media on people attitude towards Iran. Mass media has important role to shape nation attitude and all the American mass media have negative policy and propaganda on Iran. In fact they ignore this main reason and in unequal situation in front of other countries have elected Iran as a greatest enemy of America but in fact this is mass media that shape this election.

There are no other questions about people idea about greatest enemy. It should be some other kind of question for this important.because only one question cannot gather comprehensive information and data. The question was open-ended and it would be better to request from people to say reasons of this choice. Many people don’t know Iran exactly and for instance on of the most important American politician mitt Romney doesn’t know Iran correctly and he stated Iran has route and way to sea only by Syria. With this information how American people are supposed and expected to know Iran also with negative viewpoint?

Emphasize on hostage crisis have deep influence on sampling in front of other can give negative attitude about Iran before answering to survey or poll. Other countries somehow were occupied by United States like Afghanistan and Iraq or have been controlled like North Korean but Iran was exceptional and in cause to be greatest enemy. To understand public opinion about greatest enemy, telephone is not comprehensive and correct and it is better to try other tools in survey to gather more comprehensive data and result.

All these reason shows that this kind of poll and conclusion is the way to shape American decision against Iran and fallow some special aims. According to the all reasons we can see the weakness and try to achieve this important that Iran is greatest enemy of United States in public opinion and as soon as possible must control, manage or attack on this country.


Seyed Ali Siadati


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