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What will the fate of Iranian hostages be?

Taking hostages and kidnapping is a serious crime that violates all accepted international law and humanitarian principles. The kidnapping of 48 Iranian nationals during they religion trip to Damascus in early august by an armed terrorist group is a deep crime and clear example of this issue. Armed terrorist group abducted 48 Iranian pilgrims who were traveling by bus from Damascus airport.

Head commanders of Free Syrian Army (FSA) group repeatedly have declared that they will release the Iranian nationals, but conditionally. They have declared if the Iranian government uses its influence over Damascus to release the Syrian jailed rebels, they

will release kidnapped Iranian. The fact that the FSA is attempting to take advantage and abuses of the friendly relations between Iran and Syria is nothing new and they have had this policy since a long time ago. However, the group must understand that the rebel prisoners are being detained by the Syrian government and the responsibility to release them is in the hands of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, not Iran.

The FSA has claimed that it is fighting for democracy and the establishment of a free and humanitarian society. But the main question that arises here is that: Is it possible to reach a democratic society and free space in Syria through take hostages and kidnapping? Meanwhile, the threats to kill the Iranian citizens have clearly revealed the real nature of the group to the Syrian people because it has shown their identity and the nature of their activities. What would the fate of Syria be if it came under the rule of such terrorists?

According to many evidences, Certain Western governments and their regional proxies, namely Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, continue to advocate the FSA and other opposition groups in Syria. Enjoying a logic reason, Iran is strongly opposed to the policy adopted by these governments and regards it as the main cause of the intensification of violence in Syria. However, the Iranian government should engage in talks with these governments to obtain the release of the hostages.

Iran has resorted to diplomatic leverage and tried to mediate between Turkey and Qatar, the most influential foreign governments Syrian armed groups, and they reflect a strategy to release the hostages. Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that the Foreign Ministers of Turkey and Qatar have promised to endeavor releasing the hostages.

Even if the FSA kills the Iranian nationals, it will have no effect on the friendly relations between Iran and Syria. But it would seriously harm diplomatic relations between Iran and the three governments supporting the insurgency in Syria. And if the hostages are killed, it would encourage terrorist groups in other countries to use the same methods to realize their malevolent objectives.



Amirreza amirahmadi


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