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Iran's highest security

Foucault says: “History is a law; Request a nation is much easier, the task is complicated by the nation’s politicians … » and Perhaps no more obvious and yet simple request of “security” for the people of a society can be thought.

Perhaps “safe life” was the first human needs, desires the highest priority of the request as normal human security concept in the light of freedom is obtained. So “safe community” at the foundation of sustainable development is considered modern strategists, and as important, is the successor to power and dominated the national interest.Iranian Nation over the past three decades, despite all Economic sanctions, Technology, and Science and Technology, West In all areas, including in the field of defense and deterrence authority have been major advances. Islamic Republic of Iran over the past three years In defense of the maritime border area, its land and air, Despite all difficulties, and restricted, and has taken great strides.Now all the defense needs of the local experts are produced.

Ability to control the electronic an unmanned aircraft be guided by remote Advance America of the year 2011 had exceeded the bounds of climate in the eastern region, Iran’s electronic warfare capabilities demonstrated. Iran could Planes without Pilots of America Takes the least damage to the land and raise surprises military circles.

Iran’s defense doctrine in assessing the Iran’s defense is based on the principle that the most important variable, Adherence to the principle of non-aggression, denial weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear weapons, and an emphasis on the defense of the oppressed And resistance against the aggressor.

Now that the heads are going to participate in this meeting, America tries Iran is a country that is unsafe, full of conflict and to highlight problem And despite their efforts to know In the first 5 months of the year 1391 with the lowest and highest successes the police Crimes In dealing with terrorist groups, and intelligence The safest course passed during the last 33 years.

We will show the world his military power of NAM summit and western slopes of the security are using her large media trying to portray. We are about 7 thousand guests’ heads, experts, observers we welcome journalists and they are realizing with their attended the lies of America.

They began in August of pressure against our people to do anything, but did you see that was one of the most traveled days of the year the figure. We had traveled over the previous year increased by 20%this show is losing America And that their sanctions have been ineffective.

The teeth and claws out to show threat of foreign leaders Summit was observed in the absence of So that the summit of to the point of confrontation between us and the system has become arrogant That it failed. In the world security crisis centers and social insecurity is increasing in all western countries, we witness the crime, but there is safety in Iran. Foreign countries are struggling with insecurity.Using the media to distort the subject of diplomacy, today, thousands of foreign journalists and media personalities can prove Iran’s foreign claims about what is true.

Operation proud of our nuclear forces, intelligence agents arrested the victims of terror and terrorist team destroyed the whole labor aristocracy information - the activity of our security intelligence network Mossad, CIA and MI6 have.

Working security forces - our data showed that the action twists the familiar things and be able to easily recognize and destroy any malicious programs that trick. Following the assassination of martyr act blitz all our core team captured and destroyed the terror triangle. There is no doubt that a significant proportion of the region’s security Subject to the security stability in the whole region.

Hence, the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly stressed Security cooperation in the region by No need for foreign military presence in the area of policy priorities are.Iran strongly “believed that mutual defense interests in the region, the effect of relaxation and stability and security in the region.

Davood dashtbani


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