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Arrest members of terror club

Arrest the perpetrators of the assassination of Iranian nuclear Martyrs Shahriari ,Ahmadi Roshan,Rezai,Alimohamadi and Qashqai by the Ministry of Information and security These operation indicate that the immune system of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the world’s most powerful security systems.

Since the beginning of the Revolution, which saw a lot of assassinations have been in the country So far not taken any action on behalf of terrorist organizations without any answers   these factors often identified assassinations and after different periods Intelligence structure of the country has been able to destroy or capture them to enforce justice.The recent assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists Characterized by the Israeli spy agency, MI6, England and America, directed that each of the intelligence agencies have played a different role in the assassination.

Describe how to identify nuclear scientists in Iran by the CIA and Mossad Terrorist Groups It must be said Officers dispatched to different views of the Agency for Nuclear Power Plants, our scientist identified by U.S. agents and their names were given to Israel. Assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists are very professional, and was designed deliberately indecipherable and the Ministry of Islamic terror agents identified in a similar position.

Identification of terror by the Ministry of Information Show tact Iranian intelligence services against the wiles of foreign services.

Heavy operations and comprehensive set of information This was started after the first nuclear terror, stronger and wider with each subsequent assassination and more daring, continued Peers to obtain information on the number of base stations and Israeli intelligence and operational And information on the Tour Some intelligence officers to identify fake regime governing the occupied territories and their mercenary terrorists led. And chase clues care boarding and tracking of subjects within and outside the country, finally, the main factors assassinated Shahriari, Iran Qashqai identified and a series of bright flash and enabling operations in different regions were arrested and taken into custody.

Arrest all the agents of assassination of nuclear scientists

  1. 1.Organizing terrorist operations in the core memory cells organized in multiple layers of protection “elements of identification, logistics, and operations” is With God’s help; all the factors involved in the assassination of Martyr Shahriari-Ahmadi Roshan and Qashqai has been identified and arrested.
  1. 2.Places of terrorist elements involved in a border region of the country and the Zionist enemy and its climate training barracks were identified.

Also, the number of assassinations including designers Operations Commander, authorities arrested terrorists training and Agents and communication technology and elements of the transport of people and equipment confusion in the West region of the country (including the spy agency _ terrorist Mossad, the data elements of climate and discuss the smugglers district) identified being, some of the images they make different preparation for several other portraits were taken at the moment for the history of their formation.

  1. 3.Was determined that the suspects arrested Also discussed assassinations, acts and other crimes committed against people who had done that in due time will be announced.
  1. 4.Defendants have admitted that after the assassination of the martyr Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, Mossad terrorist organization within the guidelines, conducted several sabotage and explosions in crowded public places, places of pilgrimage and convey to them And in providing a preliminary the mission of evil with the help of God, was taken to prevent.
  1. 5.A number of terrorists have been arrested, Product of nearly a decade of effort and investment and education by espionage and terrorist organizations affiliated with the arrogance and the aforementioned terrorist, organizations have been involved in espionage.
  1. 6.Despite many attempts Zionist regime and its western supporters of the terrorist organization Mossad strong service capabilities, the facts, confessions and other information detailed findings of its great weaknesses of rational organization.
  1. 7.Information and documents obtained by the Mossad to become full-fledged terrorist organization, information, communications, database and other supporting facilities such as the CIA and MI6 intelligence is west. Definitely Israeli partners in any terrorist acts against Iranian citizens and our interests Considered as accomplices and it will not be forgotten.

Success Intelligence Leaf brands in the hands of the Iranian negotiating team in talks on the future Get information from terrorists it is clear that we are on opposite sides in the negotiations; these agents are equipped and organized. The recent action of the ministry sends this message to the world that Iran is not the place of terrorism And that the actions of deluded better returns And return to the bosom of the nation.

 seyyed majid mousavi


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