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Speak with UN Secretary General

UN Secretary General’s condemned Iran and Iranian President’s statements about Zionist taunt. But now the question is Mr. Ban Ki-moon you about the Zionist Genocide in Palestine and the confiscation of their land they also threaten every day against neighboring countries, especially Iran, what action have?

Israel has more than a decade that the Iranian threat to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities but over the years, none of the Western countries and the UN Secretary General do not speak a word of condemnation of the threats by the Zionist regime against Iran. But as soon as the regime falls in speaking all languages ​​are open.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech Friday at a gathering of Quds Day rally Israel is the cancer that must be rooted stump Many Westerners, especially UN Secretary-General not like the words and had condemned.

Question that Western officials and UN Secretary GeneralIt sentenced him to speak and act against the Zionist regime is open these are just waiting for the spark. Over the past 10 years since the Israeli Repeatedly threatened to attack Iran and eliminate the country’s infrastructure Are silent and not saying a word And threats of the Do not condemn Zionist regime’s leaders, low prevailing wisdom that may destructive war start?


Another question to be raised and that is what country they are defending andwith what nature? That `s just the honor killing of women and children, land confiscation, attacking other countries, Promoting state terrorism, relying on military means to threaten its neighbors, the only regime in the region has more than 200 nuclear warheads, It is an honor that such a Truancy law regime thugs and defend against all crimes he may remain silent?

Now, Mr. Ban Ki Moon and other leaders and officials from the Western countries, who know their diplomatic cad and for others determine Assignments Asked: You in front of wave the Zionist Genocide in Occupied Palestineand the confiscation of their land.They also threaten every day against neighboring countries, especially Iran, what actions have?

No doubt, not only Iran but also all Muslim and freedom of faith and humanity demand that the historical facts are admitted who know the bogus entity called Israel And the greatest threat to humanity know, now if Mr. Ban Ki Moon and U.S. and French officials are concerned for Israel’s existence. So it is better with humanity struggling to pay because many people in the world are they talking like professional Ahmadinejad.

The addition of these materials to be assassinated nuclear scientists and disruption of the nuclear network from a virus such as flame, Mr. Ban also noted that like other actors in the international arena are always ignored.

UN chief who refuses to accept this factPeople of the Middle East and the whole world knows Israel cancer and seriously hate this regime.Mr. Ban also cannot escape the fact that people struggle with the Zionist regime to eradicate this cancer will continue finally the day of doubt, the existence of Israel and Palestine will be deleted.In the meantime, Mr. Ban has just customized their positions and command public opinion is invalid.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, why in front of the threat of the West and Israel to attack Iran, does not react? All options are on the table to talk about all U.S. officials have repeated for years,Have you ever asked what is these things on the table with them will threaten the Iranian nation? You are from a country occupied by the Japanese and French and Americans has experienced. Arethe occupation of Korea during the Korean people are respected?

By the way, Mr. Secretary-General last week, morning and night, Israeli officials have threatened to attack Iran, where were you?

Do not threaten to attack a member of the United Nations secretary general is faced with condemnation?By the way, where were you Mr. Secretary General?

Alireza khademi


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