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Iran's success at the Olympics

Iran Sports team in the end of fourteenth day of the Olympics left Historical record and immortalized in the history of the Games to prove that if our heroes with mental relaxation and a complete fitness put up such a large field Able to obtain more significant results.

If we want to come in comparison we discuss the rewards and logistics and tours and address
Olympic athletes in the more recent period At least as good as the ideal and our heroes
with good financial support have been sent to the Olympics But what happened in the thirtieth Olympic Games Such a brilliant result at the Olympics is our fate and standings.

Have a look at the countries after Iran at the medal table the importance of Iran men’s work in Olympic sports is clearer than before ever. Ukraine - Africa - Spain - Argentina - Poland, Turkey and … Many of the countries important in the sports world, are behind Iran. If look at a close distance between Japan and Iran we see that the Iranian sports in the Olympics has been fantastic.

Nearly 22 days, thousands of athletes from different language, race, color, skin and language In the small village that is similar to a global village they compete Together in sports; But the principle is healthy competition And besides, enhancing friendship between the people and youth around the world.

Our country Athletes In this course of the Olympics had a decent presence, and certainly the presence Quantitatively Iran’s most colorful convoy in periods of the Olympics But the most prominent point of the Iranian convoys in the 2012 Olympics is the women athlete’s.

Competencies that have been able to earn eight quotas we are in the standings of the 52 athletes eight of them are women today in sports they appear as a symbol of Muslim Sportswomen.

The presence of Iranian Muslim women with Islamic values ​​in the Olympic athletes is a symbol of confidence and respect for the Muslim woman’s values. Fortunately, many Muslim countries to send women athletes were unable to field major tournaments, all modeled after the Iranian Muslim woman, women athletes have made their way to the Olympics.

In examining the reasons for the success of Iran’s Olympic team It should be also paid to the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports and Ministry   And also the president and secretary general of the National Olympic Committee Games and the athletes’ village in the heart is strong and Brave Men and Women in Iran in Olympic sports to daring to go against their competitors. However, the sons of this land in these days of difficult and sensitive historical, spiritual people who need support and people who had accompanied

To the peace and dignity of all its ability to successfully enter the fields with its competitors are struggling.

Go to the proximity of both religious and political beliefs and viewpoints of other success were in the Olympics. Tuesday evening seventeen August, stadium, “Excel” interesting scenes was witnessed in London. In addition, the number of medals that it was unprecedented for the sport in Iran, Iranians and believe that their political differences, even the appearance of the images also reveal the player had had one thing in common;

But the success of our country have to pay that kind of success in fields such as weightlifting and wrestling coaches with experienced and renowned history of several Olympic champions in their CV. The application of professional educators and mental skills that

  New knowledge is important in the success of that team and this role was evident in the Olympics. Olympics results showed that 90% if the exercise of physical skills and mental skills is only 10 percent effective in improving athletic performance In competitions, this role is completely reversed and Mental Skills in the first place and gives the athlete.

The Olympics proved that the minimum investment required in the fields was found to achieve remarkable results. It seems that after the fair distribution of funds between the federations should be based on their performance in major championships and Olympic competition.


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