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NAM presidency and Iran's international position

NAM in the new international system as a powerful force against the other poles, Union, equations and global political and economic arrangements Examines the role. And the efforts that the behavior of great powers adjustments in relation to global issues. Iran will be chairman for three years of this movement.

NAM in 1961 During the Cold War with the efforts of people like Nehru, Sukarno, Jamal Abdel Nasser and Tito Unity of purpose among countries not in the camp of communism and capitalism were not in camp was founded, but with the end of the Cold War Still continues its activities and its members comprise the majority of developing countries.Currently, Cuba, Egypt and Iran (former, current and future head) are members of troika of NAM. NAM summit in the sixteenth and the fifth to the tenth of September to be held in Tehran President of the Movement for three years will be transferred to Iran.

This decision confirms the high reliability of NAM to the Islamic Republic of Iran In the framework of the Non-Aligned Movement and the global equations and the high capacity of the organization of this meeting in our country. Member States supported our proposal to host the NAM summit comes in the future and confirm Iran power. That certain powers and Western countries with negative publicity and political consultations has been to seek the destruction of Iran’s international prestige.

This is a very important achievement in a negative action in developing countries And NAM to these policies, the powers and countries are negative and biased.

Iran’s role in NAM

NAM President of Islamic Republic of Iran for the first time from September this year to host the NAM summit of the fifth to the tenth of September this year will coincide assumes. This is certainly valid for Iran in political and international environment will increase regional and international prestige. Iran based on fundamental principles of our foreign policy that “neither east nor west policy” after the Islamic Revolution Sixth Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Havana in 1358 became a member of NAM. Iran’s membership in the NAM has 30 years active as one of the leading countries all meetings of the Special Meeting of the NAM summit and foreign ministers have participate.

And formulating positions on issues and developments and decisions in important international movement has played an active role. And formulating positions on issues and developments and decisions in important international movement has played an active role. Although Muslims constitute the majority of member countries of NAM And in this situation in Iran with the steersman and the Non-Aligned Movement can Effective and positive role in development is related to NAM.

NAM can be a very effective institutional mechanism in the field of foreign policy on Iran. As this movement from the issues of Iran and the Iranian nuclear issue in particular has shown great support And modify the behavior of major powers and Iran, especially in hostile countries with the International Atomic Energy Agency has played a positive role.

Thus, Iran’s foreign policy activism rather excellent show in the regional developments should NAM can be a good role in the realization and operation of foreign policy objectives have. Because the situation in the Islamic awakening in the region has intensified and structural changes in the culture of this region is taking place it seems that Iran could well take advantage of the capacity of NAM.

NAM Summit held in Tehran, Iran ranks 120 countries according to the international presence will improve Between the Fifteenth Summit of the NAM member states in 2009, hosted by Egypt The Sixteenth Summit held in Iran, our president for a three-year period of international institution With 118 member countries, which is the largest international organization after the United Nations, will be responsible.

Still holding the summit and a three-year presidency of Iran in the years 1391 to 1394 NAM can be a good opportunity for Iran’s national interests in regional and international scene. Given the influential role of Iran in regional and international developments and the motto of the conference entitled Management.

Universal Joint “is hoping the president of Iran to control the movement of serious developments in the organization and its influence on international developments to be

Seyed Abbas Fatemi


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