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Strange accusations against Iran

On the eleventh of September 2001 the most controversial and important world events took place in America the equations and relations in various spheres of international relations in political, economic and did undergo major changes.

One of the interesting news, but strange world press today, Iran’s condemnation with the Taliban and Al Qaeda on trial in the United States.

The “Times of Israel”, an American judge, Iran, Al Qaeda and the Taliban have been sentenced six billion dollars to pay compensation to the survivors of September 11.

According to the newspaper, “Frank Moss,” the Manhattan federal court yesterday issued the sentence, They never mention so far of Iranian involvement in the events of September 11 and enmity among groups such as al-Qaeda and the Taliban is no secret to anyone.


While this claim is raised, America President Barack Obama the killing of “bin laden” the nut Arabia CIA, which has already introduced as the main cause of these accidents were reported. That scenario seems to reach the head of bin Laden’s expiration date is never something that is not digestible for the media and experts.


Iran role


Iran was the first countries after the incident that sent a message of sympathy with the people of America and some of the people at the Swiss Embassy in Tehran Iran are in the Iran as a delegation of interests of America, Turn the pile had sympathy with the people of America.


The message of Mohammad Khatami, Iran’s President in September 2001 was eleven days, “in the name of Iranian nation and government, the hijackers and the terrorist attacks on public centers in the cities of America that many of the defenseless people of palate I took a death sentence and its deep regret and sympathy with the victims families of America’s especially hurt and pick.

He added in his message was: “Terrorism is doomed and the international community should recognize it and for drying the roots and dimensions of the basic steps to take. Principles will of the Iranian government is certainly in this direction and for the realization of Islamic belief and the man will not hesitate any action.


America’s Foreign Ministry on September 11, 2021 the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks in 2001, thanked the people of Iran for statement of sympathy.

New president of Iran was Ahmadinejad. He said the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 11 September in a game originally designed to influence human emotion and find a pretext for the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan to the Islamic region and caused a million innocent people be killed.


Several conspiracy theories have developed since the incident. One theory of the government’s involvement in the attacks on America or Israel or not to prevent them from deliberate attacks, in order to nurture the next. Such arguments can be noted that failures caused by the collision of a commercial airliner into the Pentagon building, not. And says that the hole created in the Pentagon, the size of a Boeing 757, but the cruise is a system. About World Trade Center towers, especially towers, No. 7, as some believe that the collapse of the towers has been a controlled explosion and fire inside the building. These people, among whom the number of victims’ families are also present, America’s claim to the charge of design and operation by the Arab people, did not provide reliable evidence.

For example, with some reason, the video in which Osama bin Laden is responsible for the attacks, as a fake. These people have developed different websites that all your documents to put in it.

Recently, 75 people from various academics pointed to evidence that America has collected in his research, announced September 11, 2021 attacks on New York and Washington, the White House conspiracy to justify the occupation of oil-rich countries.
They believe the attacks on New York and Washington “civil action” to justify the invasion and occupation of oil-rich countries was conducted.


Cave dwellers pilot
Professor Steven Jones, professor of physics at the State University of Ottawa, and a member of this group said: We do not believe that these 19 aircraft, usury, and several other people in the caves of Afghanistan alone, these attacks have been implemented. Hopefully we raised the official views and challenged them under the will.


The unusual
Professor Jones: The Twin Towers were not possible with the collision of two passenger aircraft to the way we throw down.
He said burning jet fuel does not supply temperature sufficient to melt steel and white smoke was seen around the building to collapse is also a sign of controlled explosions.


Molten metal with explosive
Review the structure of these buildings showed their incendiary materials which melt steel is weakened and then they fall.


Alive hijackers
“James Ftzr” Professor Emeritus University of Minnesota: Some of the aircraft - hijacking are still alive.

The only real impact of the case against Iran, advance the right wing political myths about this country, because in such cases, polygraph tests are not witnesses in court, so with the knowledge that one challenged them to chat is fairly brief, give false testimony.

The purposes of this case show that the family of victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks against Iran, which is compensation for damages in many other cases where “sentences in absentia” against Iran are issued by American courts, has been claim


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