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Nest spy or hostage crisis?

One of the important and decisive of the Islamic Revolution, the American spy nest by the students follow the line of Imam Khomeini in 1358 ‪ thirteenth November is due to its large dimensions inside and outside the country’s “second revolution” was called.

This interpretation is necessary for understanding the complex dimensions of the various aspects of political, security, legal, economic and cultural issues should be considered. The continuing students who started in 22 of 15 Persian date Khordad 1342 Persian date Bahman 1357 had succeeded, but the Islamic Revolution could not survive without drying the roots of colonialism and the Iranian people must struggle to avoid repeating their historical experience in Persian date Mordad 28 in 1332 the country had continued.

At the beginning of the interim government and the state, across the country, were movements to the political climate is tense and complicated. Center of all this intrigue and counter-currents, which later turned out, the American Embassy in Tehran.

Through the nest, the line of defense, that always means it will create fear, and collapsed after the failure of successive American military action and diplomacy to rescue hostages, demolished the myth of America being impervious and showed that the broad and relying on the people of America can be defeated.

The American Embassy, the Office for activities under the Embassy officers engaged in espionage work there. All successful and unsuccessful operations officers in the office and American influence in government or military centers with registered letters and signs, password and the American State Department telex is. It documents the Office of the American embassies in the world as soon as I have attempted to hide or destroy it.

CIA spying on American embassies in foreign countries is the main focus. With this style spy embassies in developing countries is very noteworthy. CIA since its creation in 1974 has three independent units. These three units are:

Collecting foreign intelligence service.1

Intelligence operations and counter-intelligence service. 2.

                                                                                     Secret interventions in the Foreign Service.3

Congress officially established the first two services during the review and approval of the plan was approved the establishment of the CIA but The third service will always remain invisible and the invisible and

informal work in foreign countries continued.

All American riots and coups in foreign countries with the American Embassy officers are, without exception, will be led by the Department. CIA agents in foreign countries are usually in the guise of diplomatic activity. They penetrate the responsibility of political parties, student groups, labor unions, media, military and administrative centers are responsible and so that CIA agents who try to infiltrate the military, military dependents in the Embassy of such duties are not.

The spy nest documents obtained from the American Embassy in Tehran shows that the American unit called “operational centers” there. The heads of the leading centers of espionage operations in various countries are responsible for the field mission. Such people generally covered by diplomatic immunity and diplomatic activities are.

American actions against the spy nest

The most important American action against the Islamic movement was:

-Push the interim government of Prime Minister’s resignation was canceled

-Sent a special delegation consisting of “Ramzi Clark” and “William” to Ira

n, while announcing the trip that imam Khomeini refusal to meet them, met with the Council of Islamic Revolution and all its officials may be counted provided that the board will deliver, that the American aircraft carrier in the sky, their direction changed towards Turkey.

- Contact the American West with some relief that he believed, could do something in order to release the hostages, like Bani Sadr and GhotbZadeh.

-Deployment of intermediary entities or countries that could speak with the

officials of our country, like Pakistan, Palestinians or “Hassanein Heikal” Egyptian journalist and eventually pop.

-To pressure the United States under its influence in international forums to condemn or decision against Iran, such as the United Nations and its Secretary General, “curettes Valdhaym”, the UN Security Council, the Organization of Islamic Conference, the common market in Europe, the Court Hague and the international Red Cross.

-A letter from Congress to Parliament.

-After fruitless stay of such action, the United States to pay more serious measures that some of them include:

-The economic blockade of Iran.

- Blocking of Iranian assets.

- Complete withdrawal of American relations with Iran.

- And finally a military threat and the American fleet maneuvers and transfers to intimidate Muslim people of Iran!

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External achievements over the spy nest

The spy nest method and significant impact on American politics and public opinion world that it’ll only mention some cases:

A) - disclose the nature of intelligence and espionage to American embassies

B - Low to contact people “resource” with the Americans and vice versa, in countries domination, fear a repeat of events like nest

C - Low volume of documents stored on the American embassies in the world and imposes huge costs for further protection.

D - Being intimidated employees spy on American embassies around the world and feel that the government is able to maintain them.

Mehrdad halalkhor


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