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Iran registered a new record in eye operations

Tehran’s Farabi hospital registered a new record on the number of eye surgeries per one day.
On Thursday, Surgeons performed a number of 600 eye surgeries in Farabi Hospital.
It is considered a new record in eye operations.
Dr. Jabarvand, head of Farabi Eye Hospital, told Realiran that Farabi is one of the best equipped hospitals for eye surgery and many patients per year are admitted to the hospital.
He added that registering the new surgery eye record in Farabi is one pride for the hospital and in general Iranian medical system.
Eye surgery, known as Orogolomistician surgery or ocular surgery, is performed on the eye or its adnexa typically by an ophthalmologist.
According to statistics, Iran offers low prices for its eye surgeries. The average cost is around 1800usd, which is about half price when compared with the US. So, there are many customers from neighboring countries especially Arab nations who travel to Iran for eye surgery.

It is noted that the costs of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Iran is much lower than other region countries and therefore, many customers, both internal and external, visit Iran’s hospital for cosmetic surgeries.

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    Posted 10 months ago

    We are proud to be your associate, and with the break through you are now recordings in Science, Technology, Arts, Sport, and in Medicals.
    God bless you the people of Iran.
    Indeed you prove to be the Saviours of mankind.

    by Mahmud Bakori on February 20, 2022 6:54 pm | Reply

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